Diet after appendectomy

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inflammation of the appendage of the cecum (the Appendix) occurs in contact with pyogenic bacteria, or because of the accumulation of food debris in it. The only measure of a solution is the removal of the appendage. What should be the diet after appendectomy? We offer you the detailed instruction for ration formulation.

Diet after removal of appendicitis for days

Immediately after the surgery during the day food is eliminated entirely – in the beginning the patient does not give even water, and just moisturize the lips as needed. Gradually, the rate of fluid increase and begin to give drinking water (it is impossible to prevent dehydration). If the patient's condition is not serious, the doctor may increase the range of the liquid is acceptable to drink weak herbal teas, jelly (in limited quantities).

the next day, the patient begins to produce more nutritious liquids: vegetable and rice broth, fat-free chicken broth. If the patient normally carries dairy products, physician may recommend to eat low-fat yoghurt with no additives. Because the stomach cannot be overloaded to have a meal worth up to 8 times a day very small portions. As improving the range of products can be extended by sparse squash or pumpkin puree (if allowed by the doctor).

Starting from the 4th day, food is becoming more diverse. Diet after surgery appendicitis initially is based on chopped, or well-boiled food (in the latter case, foods to chew well). Diet should be fractional, you need to eat slowly. During the week the basis of the diet should be a broth (chicken, vegetable), soups based on them, the mucous cereal from rice, oat flakes, buckwheat. It is useful to eat steam food, vegetables and fruits (acidic fruits cannot be used). You can use steaming hot water, dried, steamed or cooked in water and pureed in a blender or meat fillets fish (lean). It is permissible to enter into the diet of a small amount of low fat dairy products.

the Diet for appendicitis requires compliance with the correct drinking regime. If there are no contraindications, the daily need small portions to drink up to 2 liters of liquid. 2/3 of the specified norm should account for the share of the water, the rest – the share of kissels, compotes, herbal teas. It should be remembered that the liquid you cannot drink food – drink it either before the meal or an hour after it.

Starting next week you can gradually extend the diet by adding one new product. During this period, the diet prescribed for appendicitis, and allows you to eat vegetables (beets, carrots, etc.). The patient can give albuminous steam omelette (it is acceptable to use when cooking chicken or fish). It is recommended to enter into the diet of well-cooked pasta and dishes based on them (casseroles, etc.). You can use a small amount of butter.

Prohibited products

Until the full recovery (ie 2-3 months) excluded from the diet of fatty, salty, smoked, marinated, fried, spicy dishes and foods, alcohol and carbonated drinks. You can not eat legumes, pastry, fresh bread, pastry, strong brewed drinks (tea, coffee).

Sample menu

Morning: the mucosa porridge, grated cheese
Snack: a decoction of rose hips
Lunch: soup, steam meatballs, slimy mess.
Afternoon tea: jelly
Dinner: steam scrambled eggs, mashed buckwheat porridge, vegetable puree
Before bed: yogurt or jelly


Dieting after removal of appendicitis, which is based on the gradual expansion of range of products enables the body to recover as quickly as possible.