Baltic diet

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The main recommendations of the Baltic diet

This technique of weight loss is designed only for 6 days and takes 5-6 kg weight loss. The first half of the diet is devoted to protein-rich foods, and the second offers to eat carbohydrate-containing foods.

The main idea of the Baltic diet

the Proposed power system allows you to steadily lose weight while maintaining muscle tissue. The first three days, depriving the body of carbohydrates, forcing it to expend fat reserves. The next three days make up the deficiency of this element, preventing the transition to economy mode.

Menu Baltic diet

• Day # 1: chicken eggs – 6 pieces (they should be boiled hard-boiled or in a bag, but not warm)
• Day # 2: minimum fat cottage cheese – 500 grams
• Day # 3: chicken breast without skin, boiled – 700 g
• Day # 4: unsalted porridge without oil, cooked brown rice, 200 g
• Day # 5: potatoes, boiled in their skins – 6 PCs.
• Day # 6: apples (fresh or baked) – 1.5-2 kg

In the period of the diet is very important to drink plenty of fluids – priority mineral or water canteen, but quite acceptable and unsweetened teas.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Baltic diet

As mentioned above, the Baltic diet allows the body to relax from diverse and sometimes completely inconsistent food. Another advantage of this methodology is a quick weight loss.

Minus the Baltic diet can be considered poor and unbalanced diet, constant hunger, a large percentage of relapses and the instability result (most often, the weight returned).

Right out of the diet

After the Baltic diet for retention, will have another week to adhere to less strict protein and vegetable diet (caloric content should be increased gradually). You can further expand the range of products, avoiding sweets, pickles, smoked meat, and animal fats.


Even minor health problems should be a contraindication to this diet. Special danger it poses to adolescents and for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

do Not think that losing weight fast, you will reach the limit of their dreams – the weight strap can quickly return to previous levels, but health is much harder to recover.