Diet Iryna Bilyk

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Popular singer Irina Bilyk is striking in its ephemeral harmony, but even she at the time had to deal with the problem of excess weight. The cause of the formation of a surplus of adipose tissue was a happy event – the birth of the son of Gleb. Our heroine hurried back to the figure in the scope of the ideal – it is at this point and appeared on the world famous diet of Iryna Bilyk. Our article will acquaint you with its recommendations.

Diet menu Iryna Bilyk

In the interview, the singer says he developed the diet only after careful study of the literature on nutrition. I do not pass it to their attention and advice from leading nutritionists. After reviewing the menu of our heroine, one might doubt that – not to say that the balance of the elements met perfectly. However, this technique has gained quite a good popularity – elegant shape Bilyk became the best advertising.

Menu of Irene during the period of the diet included the following foods and drinks:

• Breakfast: tea without sugar (this drink is called the body to Wake up after a night of rest)
• Lunch: a slice of dried black bread, and a salad of fresh vegetables with dressing of low-fat yogurt (kefir) or unrefined vegetable oils as well as fresh juice
• Afternoon tea: tea or coffee without sugar
• Dinner (it should be completed before 18.00): any lean cereal (priority for brown rice and buckwheat), as well as natural tomato juice without salt

A healthy Breakfast of Iryna Bilyk

After a diet, the singer prefers to eat healthy food. Even if time is running out, she tries to prepare himself for Breakfast very hearty and healthy porridge. If you want to follow the example of Irina, we offer you the recipe for this simple dish.

• rolled Oats – 2 tbsp
• low fat cheese – 50 g
• Bow – 1 PC.
• Finely chopped fresh herbs
• Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp

the Cereal, cover with water, bring to a boil, stir and remove from heat. Meanwhile, fry in vegetable oil finely chopped onion and mix with oatmeal. Dish and season with pepper, sprinkle with grated cheese and garnish with finely chopped parsley.

Diet Iryna Bilyk raises some criticism – no Breakfast buffet guarantees a strong feeling of hunger (savory Cup of tea is not enough for full recharge). This method of weight loss it is not necessary to adhere in the presence of any chronic disease, but even in good health does not hurt to consult a doctor.