Diet for indigestion

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The main provisions of the diet

This diet is designed to reduce inflammation, putrefaction, fermentation processes and normalize the digestive tract. The diet requires you to reduce caloric intake by cutting the proportion of fat and simple carbohydrates (the normal protein is not reduced, the caloric intake is 1800-1900 kcal). The power supply system is built to protect the digestive tract from the chemical, thermal and mechanical stimuli (food should be a comfortable temperature, normal texture and mild taste). The exception are products that increase the secretion of gastric juice and cause fermentation in the gut. Recommended fractional power mode (5-6 times a day).

the Chemical composition of food:
• Fats – 60-70 g
• Proteins – 70-80 g (60 % should be in proteins of animal origin)
• Carbohydrates – 250 g (sugar – no more than 45 g)
• salt – 10 g
• Free liquids – up to 2 litres

Diet diet with indigestion

the basis of the diet are:
• Bread and thin, not fried crackers
• Soups on low meat or fish broth with the addition of minced meat quenelle, egg flakes and meatballs
• Lean and not sinewy meats and poultry
• low-fat types of fish
• Freshly prepared fresh or calcined cottage cheese
• soft-boiled Eggs or in a bag (1-2 pieces per day)
• Pureed porridge on skim broth or water (rice, oats, buckwheat)
• Vegetable broth
• Jelly, jelly, pureed fresh apples
• Black and green tea, natural coffee, cocoa on the water
• a Decoction of rose hips, blueberry, cherry, black currant and quince
• Fresh juices from fruits and berries, diluted with water
• Fresh butter (limited)

the Exception are:
• Cooking fats
• Strong and fatty broth
• Fatty meats
• Sausages and canned food.
• Whole and condensed milk
• Ice cream
• Oily fish and eggs
• Wheat and barley and the barley grains
• Legumes, cabbage
• Fruits and berries fresh
• Honey, jam and other sweets
• Carbonated and cold drinks
• Alcohol

Sample menu diet for indigestion

• the First Breakfast: mashed rice porridge, cooked with water as well as fresh curd and tea
• lunch: a decoction of dried blueberries
• lunch: a weak low-fat meat broth with the addition of semolina, steam meatballs, pureed portion of oatmeal and jelly
• Snack: a decoction of rose hips
• Dinner: steam omelets, mashed buckwheat and tea
• For the night: broth hips or jelly

do Not forget that under the guise of indigestion may be hiding more serious problems. Before you go on a diet, you should visit your doctor.