Potato diet Julia Roberts

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Use potatoes for weight loss

Everyone who ever was interested in the topic of weight loss, knows that potatoes are not recommended to include in the menu of diets. However, this product is still not so dangerous for the figure, as painted by eminent nutritionists. Moderate consumption of potatoes allows you not to gain, and to lose weight, it is important to control the energy value of the diet.

Interestingly, the diet potatoes are not only useful for the figure. "Starchy" menu has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, improves the complexion, releases the body of toxins and helps to normalize the pressure.

the fact is that potatoes are includes resistant starch (a special kind of fiber). He is a natural "enemy" of adipose tissue (especially if you eat potatoes chilled).

The duration and effectiveness of the diet

Potato meal plan helps to lose 2-5 kg per week. However, the program duration may be different. Julia dedicates her like 2 and 10 days (the potato is very well suppresses hunger) – it all depends on how much weight she needs to lose.

Menu potato diet Julia Roberts

There are two versions of the diet – they are very similar to each other in composition, but some differences are still observed. Choose the option you like best.

Option # 1

• Breakfast: a slice of bread from the flour, 1 tablespoon cheese, and (optional) tomato, cucumber or sour-sweet fruit
• lunch: 150 g low-fat cottage cheese or a salad of green vegetables (with a strong sense of hunger can add a toast from black bread)
• Dinner: salad of potatoes, sauerkraut, peas, carrots, beets and onions
• Afternoon tea: sweet and sour fruit and a serving of unsweetened and low-fat yogurt
• Dinner: baked potatoes, drizzled in 1 tbsp vegetable oil or topped with grated cheese, and any herbs and sour-sweet fruit

Option # 2

• Breakfast: thin toasted rye bread, pasta prepared with low-fat cottage cheese, garlic and herbs, and serving of non-starchy vegetables
• Lunch: salad made of boiled potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, vinegar and olive oil (refilling can be replaced with low-fat yogurt, and tomato should use optional – it is acceptable to exclude)
• Dinner: baked in their skins potatoes (2 – 3 pieces), salad with fresh cucumber, greenery and vegetable oil
• Snacks (optional):
— fruit salad.
— salad of grated Apple with low-fat yogurt;
— radish salad and greens with lemon juice and vegetable oil.

the Salt for diets be hard to control (it is desirable completely to abandon it). Need to drink cold drinking water (about two liters per day).


Potato diet Julia Roberts – a wholesome eating plan, allowing you to consistently lose weight. Stimulate fat burning will help fitness.