Dietary fiber

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Briefly about the benefits of fiber

Fiber can be soluble (pectin, gum) and insoluble (cellulose, lignin). Soluble fiber we get, using cereals (wheat, barley, oats), seafood, and vegetables, berries and fruit. This type of fiber lowers cholesterol levels, normalizes blood sugar levels and protects against cancer. Insoluble fiber present in legumes and cereals and in fruits and vegetables. Once in the stomach and absorbing moisture, it swells, fills the stomach and relieves feelings of hunger. Insoluble fiber cleans the intestines, frees the body of toxins and allows to lose weight without harm to the body. It is worth mentioning that any type of fiber is concentrated in the outer shell of grains and fruits, so food is recommended to eat the peel from the skin (if edible).

The options of diet on tissue

This method may take two forms. The first version of the diet requires the introduction in the diet preparations of fiber (you can buy them at the pharmacy), and the second is based on eating foods rich in this precious element.

Option # 1

This method does not have a fixed duration. Throughout the day 3-4 times (before meals) take 0.5-1 tbsp soaked in fiber, drinking plenty of fluids (priority for water and juices, but you can use any other drinks). Calorie diet – 800-1200 kcal (depending on the physical activity and age). Menu you can make completely independently, but taking into account the recommended amounts of fat (their daily rate should not exceed 15-25 g).

Option # 2

This version of the diet does not require supplementation of fat – it must come from food.

the Breakfast Options
• Salad of Apple, pear and peach, as well as a portion of natural yoghurt and 2 tsp of flax seed
• Corn flakes with low-fat milk and a handful of berries
• a Portion of lean oatmeal and banana, Apple and 200 g of strawberries
• a Couple of whole wheat toasts and a slice of lean ham and a banana
• a bran Muffin, 1 tsp butter, 1 tsp. of jam and 75 g prunes

lunch Options
• jacket Potatoes — 150 g, and a seaweed salad
• a Dish of Brussels sprouts and carrots — 150 g and a sandwich of diet bread with chicken fillet and tomatoes
• Pasta made from durum wheat with low-fat sauce – 200 g mixed vegetables
• Salad three-bean and soft cheese — 200 g
• Soup of spinach — 250 g and diet bagel bran

dining Options
• Steamed green beans — 200 g of salad from green vegetables
• Boiled cod with lemon juice – 150 g, and 1 tsp of capers and a small portion of porridge from brown rice
• a Dish of vegetables and tofu, 200 g, and a small portion of barley porridge
• Spaghetti from durum wheat with the homemade tomato sauce — 75 g, and braised eggplant — 75 g
• Pilaf of lentils and brown rice — 80 grams, and also vegetable salad with sprouts cereal

Contraindications to the diet with fiber

an Obstacle to carrying out diet should be:
• Gastritis
• peptic Ulcer disease
• Pancreas
• Colitis
• Dysbiosis

in the absence of contraindications dietary fiber is completely safe and even useful. However, this does not negate the need to consult a doctor before and after the conference.