Fruit and vegetable diet

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Fruits and vegetables rich in pectin and crude fiber and plant foods perfectly cleanses the intestines. Minerals and vitamins present in fruits and vegetables support the body. Complex carbohydrates provide energy, and the process of assimilation is extended in time, and does not occur immediately after use (as in the case of simple carbohydrates). It is worth considering the fact that fruits and vegetables mostly have diuretic properties, which also helps to reduce the volume of the body.

unfortunately, vegan diet is not without drawbacks – it does not provide our body all the necessary support. On this basis, it is not recommended to diet devote a lot of time (the optimal time – 3-7 days). It is not necessary during this diet actively exercise (muscles require a complete supply of protein).

A strict diet

the Ban applies to grapes, bananas, potatoes, mangoes, green peas, kiwi, corn and carrots. The weight of the daily portions of vegetable food – 1.5 kg. it is necessary to Distribute equal portions on all day (provides 5-6 meals). Better to eat vegetable food fresh and with the peel (if it allows this type of vegetables or fruit). It is permissible and a short thermal treatment products can be boiled, simmer with the addition of water, baked without fat, cook for a couple. As a dressing for salads use natural spices, lemon juice. Sugar and salt are prohibited. In days allowed vegetable salads with vegetable oil (1 tbsp a day).

a Strict diet of fruits and vegetables is based on the principle of alternation. The first 2 days of the diet are vegetables. Then comes the turn of fruit (1 day), vegetables (1 day) followed the same pattern (1/1). Every day you need to drink up to 2 liters of unsweetened fluids. Dietary restrictions need to observe 5-7 days. Weight loss 1 week – 4-7 kg.

Light diet

This fruit and vegetable diet for weight loss enriched diet protein and is considered safer. The General rule of vegetables and fruit – 1.5 kg (they are allowed to combine during the day). Also every day we need to eat soy cheese tofu (100 g). From fruits and vegetables, you can prepare salads, smoothies and squeezed juices. Frequency of food intake, the rate of fluid and the performance is similar to the previous diet.

Diet for a week (with cereals)

This fruit and vegetable diet for 7 days allows you to combine different plant foods (vegetables, grains, fruits). Porridge, you can cook a range of cereals, alternating them (1 tbsp. of grits a day). The optimal amount of liquid – 8 article, the norm of vegetables and fruit 0.8-1 kg Porridge should be unsalted – eat it 2-3 times a day.

Diet menu

the Morning of – oatmeal and fruit salad. The second Breakfast and afternoon tea – fresh fruit or vegetables (you can replace them with a small portion of dried fruit). For lunch you can prepare assorted green vegetables and eat a portion of porridge. Evening – vegetables, grilled or baked in the oven, and fresh fruit.


Judging by the reviews, fruit and vegetable diet may be used for weight loss it gives quick weight loss.