Milk-banana diet

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Use ingredients diet

Bananas are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Delicious fruits contain sufficient amount of fiber, which contributes to effective cleansing of the body. One should not ignore vitamin a rich group of bananas. The calorie content of fruit is high, but not prohibitive, in 100 g of the product contains 90 calories. Bananas are well-saturated and does not leave room to feelings of hunger.

the Second product is milk, is often used in a menu of diverse diets. Milk is useful proteins, vitamins and minerals. The high content of calcium reduces the production of calcitriol and triggers the burning of fat.

Menu milk-banana diet

Option # 1

This diet is focused on quick relief from the particular excess weight.

the Daily ration includes:
• Bananas – 2 PCs.
• low fat milk – 500 ml
• Mineral water
• Herbal tea

Milk and bananas can be eaten separately, and can be prepared with their participation in the cocktail. Fractal system meal helps you avoid the feeling of hunger (to eat the recommended 4-5 times a day, although the portions in this case are not pleased with their size). You can drink at any time of the day (to sweeten the tea can, but it is acceptable to Supplement it taste a slice of lemon).

Option # 2

This variant of milk-banana diet is aimed at strengthening the outcome of any of the diets (if chosen previously, the technique ceases to provide a stable weight loss, milk-banana menu will shift the weight to the lower side and stimulates the further process). The menu remains the same, increasing only the amount of food taken. A day supposed to eat 3 bananas and the amount of milk should be increased to 750 ml.

Out of the diet

a strict diet with restriction of nutrients and cuts calorie requires proper completion. The first days after a diet is recommended to eat lean foods, avoiding pickles, marinades, smoked meats and sweets. It is extremely important during this period to enrich the menu with vegetable oils – they will provide the body necessary for normal functioning of fatty acids.

Contraindications to milk-banana diet

This diet should not be followed in case you are hypersensitive to any component of the menu. Will have to give it up and people with any chronic disease. Needless to say, she absolutely does not fit the adolescents, and pregnant women.

Milk-banana diet-conflicting views – there are as fans and opponents of this technique. Which camp will join you, decide for yourself, but do not forget about the potential dangers of any short-term hard diets.