Diet in atopic dermatitis

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Helpful information

Infant dermatitis develops from birth and up to 2 years, children from 2 to 13 years, teen – 13 to 18 years. The adult form of dermatitis observed in individuals older than 18 years. In the core of the problem is the allergic factor. Symptoms of dermatitis include plaques, papules, erosions, edema, hyperemia and thickening of the skin. One of the main factors of treatment is diet.

General nutrition guidelines

Diet is prescribed for atopic dermatitis, exclude from the diet strong allergens. Contraindicated to consume whole milk, eggs, fatty fish, poultry and meat. It is necessary to abandon the fruits with bright rind, and citrus. It is impossible to enter into the diet of pickles, marinades, smoked products, canned food, caviar, mushrooms, hard cheeses. Strong allergens are honey, any kind of chocolate, different nuts. Allergies cause many dietary supplements. The danger of strong brewed coffee and tea. Enhance the absorption of allergens from food can spirits, so the diet in atopic dermatitis in adults eliminates the alcohol. To avoid problems, you must restrict salt intake. Exclude any foods that cause an allergic reaction in any person.

the diet should include products having the lowest possible allergenic factor. Extreme is desirable to maintain a food journal. When severe atopic dermatitis, it is recommended to introduce products gradually (for the 1st name with an interval of 2 days). You can eat cereals, vegetables and fruits green and white (potatoes should be soaked in water). It is useful to use low-fat dairy products, lean meats (chicken and Turkey, veal, beef without fat). Of fats in preference to vegetable oils. Mom diet in atopic dermatitis in infants corresponds to the above recommendations. Important addition: if a baby has diarrhea, the vegetables and fruits must be subjected to a gentle heat treatment. In the preparation of food for older children are used General guidelines (adult hypoallergenic diet).

Sample menu

Morning: rice porridge on the water, vegetable puree
brunch: baked Apple
Lunch: soup of vegetables, boiled meats
Dinner: steamed vegetables
Before sleep: yogurt

Diet in atopic dermatitis in children

If the mother has no problems with lactation, it is recommended that a longer feed the baby breast milk. If the kid is on artificial feeding, it is possible to give a mixture based on soy protein. Lure you need to enter carefully as possible – no more than 1 product a week and no earlier than six months old. You should not start solid foods with juices – they can cause allergies. Are ideal vegetables. Vegetable puree should be prepared by yourself (in the steamer). After vegetables, you can go to kas (about a month). Then comes the turn of vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish. The first portion of the feeding – 1 tsp. is Necessary to keep a food diary.


Diet for atopic dermatitis contributes to a significant improvement in the state – it is important not to violate its guidelines.