Blitz diet

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Specific recommendations

the Proposed diet suited just perfectly healthy people. For 5 days they carry 4-5 kg of weight deprivation. Very important during dieting to pay attention to the sport, with particular emphasis on the most problematic areas of your body. So the body is purified from decay products, it is recommended to drink daily 2-2.5 liters of liquid.

Menu, option # 1

the Menu of this diet is based on plant foods. It contains fiber stimulates peristalsis, which allows you to cleanse the body. Indigestible fiber swells in the stomach and create the effect of satiety, whereby caloric intake is markedly reduced.

Breakfast (optional):
• jacket Potatoes – 1 PC. and vegetable juice and a salad of spinach and fresh tomatoes
• Grain bread, coleslaw and natural Apple juice
• Boiled soy, and steamed cauliflower and orange juice

the Second Breakfast (at your choice):
• Salad of cabbage and a small amount of dates
• 50 g of dried fruit and the big Apple
• Grated carrots, seasoned with lemon juice and a large orange

• Thick vegetable soup prepared with the addition of roots and greens, and a couple corn tortillas and a salad of green vegetables

• Casserole with any vegetables and fresh tomatoes

Liquid diet includes tea (herbal, black, green), natural juices and sparkling water. As snacks you can use fruit purees, cooked their own (without added sugar).

Menu, option # 2

This method fast weight loss is an alternation of mono-diet. It is based on this and its effectiveness.

• First day: lean and unsalted porridge of brown rice
• Second day: potatoes – 6 PCs.
• Third day: apples (preferably green) – 1.5 kg
• Fourth day: curd average fat content of 1 kg
• Fifth day: natural vegetable or fruit juice

How to save the result?

As already mentioned, the blitz diet is extremely inefficient in terms of consistent results. The reason is that the first few days of any diet carry away the excess moisture that is present in the body and also cleanse from the decay products. To the effect of the above methods of weight loss did not remain only in the memories, will have immediately after the "shock" of losing weight go for a balanced but low-calorie diet, to avoid all sweets, pastries, cakes and fatty foods. Restrictions on animal fats, as well as for stimulating the appetite seasoning. Products should braise, boil, bake or cook on the grill. Matters and the diet is recommended to eat at the same time 4-6 times a day and avoid late meals.

Any of the options blitz diet is a serious danger for the organism, since their menu is completely absent, the balance of elements necessary for normal functioning. Lose weight sensibly and use "stress" diet only in the most extreme case.