Diet in diabetes

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The main provisions of the diet in diabetes

Diet restricts the consumption of carbohydrates and fats. It is assigned for the long term. Weight daily ration does not exceed 3 kg. the Volume of free fluid is in the range of 1.5-2 l Recommended fractional power mode. Products can be boiled, steamed and baked. Salt foods in the cooking process. In sweet dishes is to use sugar substitutes (e.g. xylitol daily norm can reach 40-50 g).

the body's Need for carbs are designed to compensate cereals, vegetables, fruits and dietary flour products (made from rye flour or with added bran). Because of the excess sweetness of some varieties of fruits and vegetables allowed to enter in the menu only after boiling or soaking.

Since diabetes is violated not only carbohydrate but also fat metabolism, the proportion of fat in the diet is reduced to 70-80 g (30 g should come from vegetable oils).

in Order to improve the functioning of the liver, the diet prescribes the consumption of cheese, fish and non-fish seafood rich in iodine. Because diabetic patients eventually developing a deficiency of vitamins A, C and b, the diet must include foods with high contents.

Diet diet in diabetes

the basis of the diet are:
• Bread (rye, branny, protein-wheat and protein-branny) – up to 300 grams per day
• Soaked herring
• Mild cheese
• Lean ham and sausage, diabetic
• Vegetable salad with vegetable oil
• Milk soups
• the vegetable and cereal concoction as well as the weak meat and fish broths,
• Meals from lean meats, poultry and fish
• Eggs (they are introduced to ingredients or prepare in the form of protein omelets)
• Any dairy products (restriction shall be cream and sour cream)
• cereal (priority for oatmeal and buckwheat).
• meals from the legumes.
• Meals, salads and side dishes of vegetables, containing a small amount of sugar
• Unsweetened fruits and berries raw, boiled and roasted.
• fruit drinks on the sorbitol and xylitol
• Sauces, cooked vegetables, and also on weak meat, fish and mushroom broth
• Tea (you can with milk)
• Weak organic coffee
• Unsweetened juices
• sauerkraut juice
• Vegetable oil
• butter

Under the ban are:
• Any sweets (sugar, candy, jam, etc.).
• cookies and other sweet pastries.
• the Sweet varieties of fruits and berries, including dried fruits
• Sweet drinks
• Fatty meats, poultry, fish
• Fat
• hot and spicy seasoning
• Smoked meats and marinades

Sample menu diet diabetes

• the First Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, boiled in water and a portion of meat paste, and tea with milk and a slice of rye bread with butter
• lunch: a portion of fresh cheese with branny muffin and yogurt
• Lunch: thick soup with vegetables and mashed potatoes with a piece of boiled meat, and a decoction of rose hips and Apple
• Afternoon tea: tea with milk
• Dinner: braised cabbage, noodles, carrots and a serving of boiled fish, and tea
• For the night: yogurt


Diet in diabetes should be constantly and strictly under the General rules of the menu and the advice of the doctor.