Diet Larisa Verbitskaya

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Work on TV seems interesting and easy. In fact, things are not so rosy – the presenters must always and everywhere be on top. Today we reveal the secret of attractiveness and good figures of the stars of the First channel Larisa Verbitskaya.

A forced diet Larisa Verbitskaya

Only once in the life of Larisa Verbitskaya has made drastic changes to his image, and has contributed to the participation in the TV project "the Last hero". All viewers were convinced that the fragile nature of the Larissa immediately left the project, but it withstood the test of hunger and lack of comfort. On the island Verbitskaya had to revisit past priorities – with time she got used to the sand on the teeth, and to a permanent feeling of hunger. The island took her 10 kg is not a excess weight command Verbitskaya three days I had to starve, and then for some time – to share 1 kg of rice for eight participants (one-time serving meals all cooked from 50 g of cereal). When the team managed to barter with the natives bulb has come a real feast! After this severe test Verbitskaya firmly decided, under no circumstances not to resort to any radical change of diet is not the best way affects the appearance and health.

Daily diet Larisa Verbitskaya

In his youth, Larissa didn't even think about the need of dieting – she never missed an opportunity to treat yourself to something delicious. Our heroine claims that in her life, she was a little recovered, only skamlova both of my children breast milk. After that, her figure without any additional effort back to the normal settings (50 kg at 170 cm in height).

With age, we had to slightly change habits. Today Verbitskaya trying to eat rationally, to convince myself that everything tasty is not good, tasteless and all – on the contrary. The result of this "processing of the brain" was a change of priorities: now for Larissa nothing is tastier than steamed vegetables and fish, but bread, sugar and high-calorie snacks is almost completely gone from the diet. Our heroine has adopted the recommendation of nutritionists about counting calories and now use for cooking only low-calorie products.

Sport in the life of Larisa Verbitskaya

At the time, Verbitskaya was fond of sport – she was jumping in height and length, scuba diving, athletics and acrobatics. Today, those passions are gone, and even gym inspires our heroine Tosca. Larisa Verbitskaya prefers to spend calories doing gardening, thus combining the useful with the pleasant. To avoid the tummy, our heroine regularly do a simple exercise. Fasting morning she drinks a glass of water, sits on a chair, making sure his spine was straight, and then begins to breathe with your belly. This exercise, according to her, not only tightens the muscles and instills a habit to always keep the press in good shape, but also contribute to a better functioning of the internal organs (in particular, stimulates peristalsis).

the Diet of the heroine of our article meets all the requirements of nutrition, so feel free to take it on Board. Combining it with an active lifestyle, you to old age save a good figure.