Diet for pancreatitis

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The principles of good nutrition in pancreatitis

pancreatitis is very important to eat fractionally – the diet should be divided into 5-6 small portions (not overeating). Preferably pureed food – they do not irritate the gastric mucosa. The chemical composition of the diet should include adequate amounts of protein (140-160 g) and low fat (60-80 g). The proportion of carbohydrates also should be limited. The exception shall be any products having sokogonnym effect (it is a strong broths, cabbage broth, etc.). In the period of exacerbation, it is desirable to fully give up food (1-2 days). At any stage of the disease can not be used with hot and cold dishes.

Diet diet for pancreatitis

• Stale wheat bread
• Soups on weak vegetable or chicken broth
• Lean meat and dishes made of them (souffles, croquettes, meatballs, etc.)
• Fish (sea, river)
• Steam omelets
• Any dairy products low fat content
• Unsalted butter (in limited quantities)
• Refined vegetable oil
• vegetable Dishes (fresh vegetables only in ground form)
• Baked apples and pears
• Pasta and cereals
• Compotes, jellies and other beverages (weak tea, decoction of bran, rosehip, etc.)
• Jelly

the Products under the ban:
• Strong meat and fish broth
• Small and serves with his participation.
• Bold variety of poultry, meat and fish
• Any fried and spicy food
• Refractory fat (lamb, beef)
• radish, radish, cabbage, turnips, rutabaga, watercress and spinach.
• Muffin and rye bread
• Sausages, canned food, smoked
• Alcohol
• Ice cream

Sample menu diet for pancreatitis

Option # 1

• the First Breakfast: mashed potatoes and weak tea with a slice of wheat bread yesterday's baking
• lunch: steam chicken cutlet, and an omelette, a slice of white bread yesterday's baking, and a glass of low-fat milk
• Lunch: soup on a weak chicken broth and a serving of boiled fish, and steamed zucchini, a slice of white bread yesterday's baking, a handful of raisins and stewed fruit
• Snack: jelly and fruit jelly
• Dinner: steam beef steak, portion of oatmeal, mashed carrots, and weak tea with milk

Option # 2

• in the Morning on an empty stomach: weak decoction of rose hips
• Breakfast: serving of oatmeal with a slice of boiled meat (minced) as well as beet salad and weak tea
• Second Breakfast: scrambled eggs steam, and a decoction of rose hips
• Lunch: milk soup, and mashed potatoes with boiled meat and stewed fruit
• Snack: pudding made with low-fat cottage cheese and weak tea
• Dinner: potatoes, stew with zucchini and yogurt

throughout the day, you can use:
— bread — 200 g;
— butter – 20 g;
— sugar – 30 g

Reviews of doctors

Diet for pancreatitis significantly reduces the secretion that allows you to stabilize the pancreas. Turning to the doctor, you will receive more accurate recommendations concerning proper nutrition during this illness.