Alcohol diet

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Alcohol – benefit or harm?

First of all, it is worth noting that sitting on this diet, to get rid of excess weight will have vodka, rum or Martini, and red dry wine — this product is really useful (with reasonable use). Scientists claim that organic red wine normalizes water-salt balance and speeds up the metabolic processes in the body. Intoxicating drink provides anti-allergic, diuretic, tonic and bactericidal action. Regularly consuming red wine (in small quantities) you can part with some amount of fat. In addition, intoxicating drink nourishes the body with useful elements. In the composition of wine contains salts of potassium, cobalt and phosphorus. The drink contains organic acids, vitamins (b, PP, C) and natural antibiotics – anthocyanins.

The first option is alcoholic diet

This option is alcoholic diet simple and enjoyable. You can eat in the usual way, avoiding unnecessarily high in calories and fatty foods. But after a meal it will not hurt to drink a glass of dry red wine. That's the whole diet!

The second option is alcoholic diet

This option is not so pleasant, and implies more severe restrictions. The diet lasts 5 days and takes 3-5 kg of excess weight. Salt, sugar and any drinks, except wine and water, are banned. Menu for all days of the diet is no different.

• Breakfast: a large tomato and a hard-boiled egg
• lunch: large green Apple
• Lunch: 200 g low-fat cottage cheese and fresh cucumber or lettuce
• Dinner: 200 ml of red dry wine

optionally, the duration of the diet can be increased up to 7 days, replacing the curd cheese (in this case, lunch is supposed to eat 150 grams of low-fat cheese, and the remaining 50 g to include in the evening meal).

The boundaries of reason

of course, even a dry wine of high quality is impossible to drink without any action will lead to serious problems. According to research conducted in Denmark, was able to establish a reasonable rate of consumption of this intoxicating drink. So, beautiful ladies should be limited to a couple of glasses of dry wine, and men can increase the dose to a glass and nothing more. Subject to such rules ancient grape drink benefits, protecting against the development of problems associated with the cardiovascular system. The increase in the use of wine leads to disastrous consequences – affects the liver, heart muscle and even the mind.

Contraindications to alcoholic diet

Alcoholic diets do not stick to:
— for all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver;
— mental and psychosomatic disorders;
— the tendency to alcoholism;
— at system intake of any medicine.
— during pregnancy and lactation.

If the first version of the alcohol diet, can still be considered lightweight and affordable, option have many causes some difficulties (wine stimulates the appetite, therefore after the so-called "dinner" it's hard not to break). What a way to get rid of excess weight is to choose – to solve only to you.