Diet in osteochondrosis

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The main provisions of the diet in osteochondrosis

in this disease, make sure that the diet remained full and balanced. Patients should receive a sufficient amount of energy and do not feel the deficiency in major nutrients. Established the following rules:
• Proteins — 80-90 g
• Fats: 80g (including — 30 g vegetable oil and 50 g of animal fat)
• Carbohydrates – 300-400 g

Limit shall be:
— simple carbohydrates (the allowable rate of sugar – 30 g);
Sol (its share decrease to 3-4 grams per day);
— liquid (supposed to eat no more than 1 l of free fluid a day).

Patients are recommended to stick to a fractional power (it means 5-6 meals). Products can be boiled, steamed, stew. From the diet should exclude:
• Sharp and savory dishes
• Food with a high content of extractives
• Any strong brewed drinks (tea, coffee, cocoa)
• Alcohol

In the cold season is usually administered vitamin-mineral complex. Energy value of the diet should not exceed 2500 - 2600 calories.

Diet diet in osteochondrosis

Diet includes the following foods and products:
• Bread and bakery products (white, brown, grey and branny bread, biscuits, crackers)
• Vegetarian, dairy, fruit and cereal soups
• Soups weak broth (fish, mushroom, meat, chicken) – 1 time per week
• Meals from lean meats, fish and poultry (they should be pre-boiled to remove extractives)
• eggs (no more than 3 units per week)
• vegetable Dishes (subject to limitation the following types of plant food):
— potatoes
— color and white cabbage;
— squash;
— fresh and salted cucumbers;
onions and garlic
— parsley, dill and celery;
— mushrooms (they can be used very rarely);
— beans, peas, and beans;
— the sorrel and spinach.
• Food from fruits and berries, and fruit juices (limit subject to only the grapes and the juice out of it)
• cereal
• Pasta
• Milk as well as meals and products prepared with his participation.
• Fats (according to the above rule, with the exception of high-melting fats)
• Sweets (sugar, honey, jam, jam, jam) – limited number
• Drinks (juices, mineral water, weakly brewed tea, and cereal coffee)
• Sauces (dairy, vegetable, fruit, berry)
• Spice
• Dried fruits (apricots, prunes, raisins, rose hips)
• Almonds, walnuts
• Bran

Sample menu diet in osteochondrosis

• the First Breakfast: weak tea, and a serving of cottage cheese with sour cream and dried apricots
• Second Breakfast: fruit juice or fruit
• Lunch: thick vegetable soup, slice of rye bread, steam chicken cutlet, a couple of spoons of oatmeal and a decoction of rose hips
• afternoon Snack: yogurt and a dry biscuit or fruit salad with yogurt
• Dinner: rice porridge, fish slice, vegetable salad and weak tea.

Before you begin a diet, be sure to check the menu with your doctor – he will make the necessary amendments and give accurate advice.