Diet Megan Fox

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Perfect as a gift

Megan Fox claims that the ancestors gave her the unique ability to recover under any circumstances. In the interview, Megan said that never in his life did not resort to any special diets. However, in some of its admissions slips completely different information. Megan said to journalists that is absolutely indifferent to any food, can't cook and can almost eat nothing during the week. If so, then this approach to nutrition may well be called a diet.

The opinions of others

Colleagues are not too favored by the brawler Megan, maybe that's why many of them assert the presence of diet in the life of our heroine. Proof of this may be the change of weight of the actress before and after the filming of "Transformers." Before the shooting, Megan had to gain 5 kg, and after them for a short time, the actress became even thinner than he was before. According to rumors, this is due to the veganism — strict vegetarianism, forbidding to eat not only meat but even honey, milk, eggs, gelatin, wine, clarified with egg white and other products, somehow relating to the world of animals and insects.

Daily diet Megan Fox

Megan was able to stop in time and did not fall into anorexia. Today it is powered by fractional and complete in her diet contains all the necessary elements to the body. To maintain physical fitness to help her classes with famed Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak (though the latter have to work hard before you can force the client to begin classes).

Megan is known for his hard-hitting statements to the colleagues and Directors. At the same time, details of her life, she prefers either completely silent, or instead to inflate one sensation. It is thus difficult to understand – were there in her life, diet or not.