Hollywood diet

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it is believed that the recommendations of the weight loss methods enjoy a high popularity among stars of the screen. Hollywood diet – what it is, what outcome you can achieve?

Diet for a week

Hollywood diet for 7 days dictates strict restrictions – Breakfast this meal plan is not available, so the menu is only 2 meals.

1. For lunch, cook an egg (you can substitute 2 quail). Large eat tomato, drink a Cup of coffee. In the evening again eat a boiled egg. Complement it with salad made from fresh cucumber, cabbage and greens. Add to the meal half a grapefruit.

2. Day eat the egg and grapefruit, enjoy a Cup of coffee. For dinner, prepare 200 grams of meat (boil it, bake or braise), eat cucumber, drink a Cup of coffee.

3. The daily meal consists of steamed spinach, egg, fresh tomato, a Cup of coffee. For dinner again prepare 200 grams of meat, eat cucumber, drink a Cup of coffee.

4. At lunch, eat a grapefruit and a salad of cucumber and cabbage, drink some coffee. For dinner, saute the spinach, boil egg, add a meal of cottage cheese (200 g). Again drink a Cup of coffee.

5. At lunch, prepare braised spinach, boil an egg, have some coffee. Dinner should consist of a 200 g fish fillet (cook the steamed fish, stew, bake – your choice). Complete the meal with a leafy salad, drink constant coffee.

6. At lunch, prepare a salad of grapefruit, orange slices, Apple pieces. Dinner should consist of 200 grams of meat (preferably beef), fresh cucumber, coffee.

7. Day eat boiled chicken (200 g), lettuce and grapefruit, enjoy a Cup of coffee. For dinner will have to do only one fruit salad.

Please note – if you for some reason are not suitable, you can replace it with green tea (in that and in other case to use sugar not). In addition to coffee (tea) need to drink pure or mineral water without gas.

Hollywood diet for 14 days differs only in that the above menus will have to repeat again. After the diet you need some more time to comply with dietary restrictions – you can not eat sweets, fatty meats, smoked meat and other unwholesome foods. If necessary, the diet can be repeated (not earlier than 3 months after completion of the first stage). 1 week diet able to lose 4-5 kg in 2 weeks – 5 to 8 kg (indicated by the average score).

Hollywood diet Elizabeth Taylor

This method of weight loss is designed for 7 days. The famous actress claimed that with this diet you can lose 3-6 kg. Deciding to stick to this methodology, for Breakfast eat a small bowl of not too sweet fruit and a small orange. For lunch, prepare a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, boiled chicken white meat (150 g). Dinner should consist of 150 g of boiled meat and a slice of whole grain bread. Snacks are not available. You can drink water (1.5-2l).

Diet for 48 hours

This specific diet is based on the use of special juices that are ordered on the website "the Hollywood diet". With their help, you can for 48 hours to lose 3 kg. of "Magic" fluid contained in the bubbles is a mixture of fruit and vegetable juice with EM bergamot, lemon, Mandarin, orange. To drink juices in small amounts (100-200 ml) every 2 hours. Within 48 hours any food is banned and you can drink only water.


Any of the above proposed Hollywood diets you can stick to only after consulting a doctor. They are contraindicated in the presence of chronic and acute diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, liver, kidneys.


Judging by the reviews, the Hollywood diet (in any of its variants) is a difficult challenge – it has really hungry diet. Another disadvantage of the diet is the unstable result (the weight quickly returns to previous levels).