Diet for prostatitis

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Helpful information

Diet for prostatitis in men is used as a support tool and not a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor. The cause of this disease are infections of the genitals, congestion and other factors, or a combination of them. The symptoms of the problem — pain in the groin, erectile dysfunction, soreness when urinating.

Diet in chronic prostatitis

When the prostate is recommended to eat fractionally 4-6 times a day. The priority must be food of plant origin. Presented protein foods lean meats, fish, poultry, and dairy products. You must enter into the diet products, having in its composition zinc – eggs (1 per day), walnuts, pumpkin seeds. It is also useful to eat seafood. You need to enter into the diet of various cereals, fruits, pasta, bread yesterday's baking, vegetable oil. It eliminates any food, irritatingly acting on the urinary ducts. First of all, this raw onions, any spicy seasonings, smoked meats, pickles, marinades. Rate of salt is reduced significantly. Because bowel problems increase the severity of the symptoms, eliminates foods that cause bloating. You can not eat cabbage, beans, whole milk. It is very important every day to drink plenty of fluids. It is necessary to cleanse the body in the urine reduces the concentration of salts, decrease pain, feel better. If the doctor approves, you can take diuretic fees. It is not recommended to drink strong brewed coffees and teas.

Sample menu

For Breakfast you can eat a serving of oatmeal, steam omelets, vegetables, jelly. Lunch and snack: milk products or fruit. Lunch: fish with vegetables, easy potato soup, fruit juice diluted with water. Dinner: cottage cheese casserole, fruit dessert.

Diet in acute prostatitis

In the acute phase list of constraints increases, but the range of products is wide enough. Exclude nourishing soups (mushroom, meat, fish). Fall under the ban fat dairy products, any fresh baked goods, some cereals (barley, barley, corn, millet).

the menu of the patient should be potatoes, carrots, young pumpkin, beets, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower. From cereals the preference is for buckwheat, rice, oats. You can eat lean meat, eggs, low-fat fish, boiled pasta, mild cheese, low-fat dairy products. Welcome sweet and ripe fruits and berries. Cakes are presented dried bread, dry biscuits, and app cookies, and fats – vegetable oils.

Sample menu

For Breakfast you can cook soft-boiled egg, cook porridge, mucous membranes broth and rice. Snacks: a souffle of raspberries or bananas. For lunch it is recommended to eat vegetable soup, pasta with steamed cutlet, tea. Dinner: steam fish, mashed potatoes, compote.


Diet for prostatitis, if you observe her from time to time and on a regular basis, helps to reduce the severity of symptoms.