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Andrei Dmitrievich ADO — honored worker of science, Professor and doctor of medical Sciences. In Soviet times, he distinguished himself in the field of pathological physiology, Allergology and immunology. Diet ADO helps to neutralize the allergic symptoms and reduce the risk of their occurrence in the future.

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the Term "Allergy" refers to increased sensitivity of the organism to the effects of certain factors (in 1906 it was coined by the Austrian physician-pediatrician Clemens pirquet). How to deal with the problem? If the Allergy causes a specific food product, remove it from the diet and the negative symptoms disappear. Unfortunately, to identify the specific "culprit" is very difficult, so you need to follow a special hypoallergenic diet, eliminating from the diet of major food allergens. It is not always the Allergy develops in response to eating certain foods – negative reaction may occur in response to external stimuli (detergents, hygiene products). It can cause dust, animal dander and other factors. However, in order to reduce the acute reaction of the body, doctors in any case, I suggest to adhere to certain restrictions in diet – a diet contains the safest products, and all the rest on time are excluded. That is the diet in its time, was developed by A. D. ADO.

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Diet of ADO – hypoallergenic nutrition plan that helps to pay off the unpleasant symptoms of allergies. As practice shows, excessively tighten the strict phase of the diet is unreasonable – there are serious shortages of nutrients. With the improvement of the condition necessary to gradually expand the menu.