Diet Mila Kunis

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Mila kunis (American actress with Ukrainian roots), known for his roles in the TV series and films: "the seventies Show", "Black Swan," "the Book of Eli" and so forth Like any self-respecting actress, our heroine always listens to the requirements of the Directors. In that moment, when she was offered to star in the film about the life of dancers and born diet Mila kunis. Despite the fact that the secret technique did not become public knowledge, will try in General terms to tell you what it is.

Brief background

to go to America the girl's family allowed the famous Green Card lottery Lottery. The first years of life in a country Mile has brought the joy made itself felt as firmly formed views on life and the language barrier. Over time, our heroine is stuck in a new place and have even achieved great success. Already 7 years after resettlement Mila got her first role. Our heroine noticed and appreciated. Since then, she has successfully promoted in the field of cinema, film stars from around the world and appearing on the pages of popular magazines. Before the filming of the movie "Black Swan" Mila had to lose weight (after diet weight women accounted for only 41 kg). Much enthusiasm on her part is not caused, as the angular figure of the ballerina did not match with typical Mile of natural feminine shapes. Nevertheless, she coped with the task.

The secret diet of the diet of Mila kunis

Diet diet Mila kunis and remained secret. We only know that our heroine refused simple carbohydrates and fatty foods, and also restricted caloric intake to 1200 kcal. Many of the surrounding women believe that to lose weight she helped a vegetable and milk diet, which is rich in healthy dairy protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. In addition to diet, our heroine 5 hours a day devoted to training Mile, I had to learn Pointe shoes and learn all the basic ballet steps.

Life after diets

In everyday life Mila does not recognize any diets. In her opinion eating is balanced, not particularly restricting your diet. If the weight is outside the norm, don't want to exclude from the diet the high-calorie foods. The actress, though recognizes the importance of regular physical activity, but she is not a fanatical sports fan.

How thin Mila kunis? Significantly this is no one knows. But the casual attitude to diets from stars captivating — she's not into extremes and love myself for who I am. This many of us should learn.