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Highlights wine weight loss diet

Why is alcohol so unloved by nutritionists? The secret lies in its relatively high calorie content and the ability to excite the appetite.

At the same time, wine has long been extolled as extremely useful product (assuming moderate consumption). A glass or two of dry wine, not only does not harm but improves the condition of the body: intoxicating drink prevents the formation of fat and bad cholesterol, accelerate blood flow and metabolism, prevents premature aging, removes from the body excess fluid and free radicals.

of dry wine contains amino acids, mineral salts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, selenium, iron, zinc, and copper. This ancient alcoholic beverage contains quercetin, flavonoids, reservatrol, tannins and polyphenols. Wine is useful to drink in anemia, beriberi, insomnia, stomach disorders and weakened immunity.

Wine diet for 5 days

the Duration of this diet is not so great – it takes just 5 days and takes 3-5 kg of excess weight. The diet of the diet prohibits the consumption of simple sugars and salt – to withstand this "infringement of rights" is not so easy (does not save even the opportunity to indulge yourself with wine).

However, an avid sweet tooth may go some way to ease their plight, using sugar substitutes. To deal with the lack of sugar and salt will help motivation – limitations are intended to cleanse the body (salt and sugar remove water).

water is also limited: it is permissible to drink only mineral water without gas and high-quality wine. Diet menu is not very diverse – the following diet you need to use all 5 days without making any digressions.

• Breakfast: a large ripe tomato, boiled egg (you can substitute quail eggs – in this case the rate should increase up to two pieces)
• lunch (2 hours): sweet and sour Apple
• Lunch: 200 g grainy cream cheese and cucumber
• Dinner: 200 ml high quality dry wine

Wine diet cheese

In this case, all recommendations remain valid, some changes only diet (the low calorie cheese is a hard cheese).


• Breakfast: a large tomato and a boiled egg (or two quail eggs)
• lunch (2 hours): sweet and sour Apple
• Dinner: 150 g low-calorie cheese and cucumber
• Dinner: 200 ml high quality dry wine and 50 g low-calorie cheese

In this case, the duration of the diet can be increased by 2 days (instead of 5 days on the diet can hold all 7).

Dignity wine diet

the positive aspects include:
• Fast weight loss
• Cleanse the body of toxins
• getting Rid of edema
• Normalization of metabolic processes
• Elimination of surplus cholesterol.

Disadvantages diet

This diet has a rigid menu – hungry mode in combination with alcohol, appetitive, stand not everyone. Another significant disadvantage: the inability to fully keep the result.

This version of the diet rids the body of excess moisture – this is primarily due to weight loss. After the transition to habitual diet weight almost fully restored.


the Wine diet for weight loss is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation and in young age. It is impossible to adhere to:
— an exacerbation of gout;
— for acute and chronic pancreatitis;
— when liver disease;
— in system the reception of indirect anticoagulants;
— the propensity for migraines.


Proposed in the article method does not differ is the right balance of nutrients – be sure to consult your doctor before start it.