Buckwheat diet

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What are so attracted to buckwheat diet? Buckwheat protein is not inferior to meat that is one of their main advantages. This element of supply is a building material for the cells of our body, protein builds and maintains a feeling of satiety (that is, the slimming process is not accompanied by the feeling of hunger). Fragrant grains are composed of carbohydrates which give us energy and fiber, which improves intestinal activity and "deceiving" the feeling of hunger. In buckwheat is relatively low in fat (3.4 g/100 g), which also corresponds to the idea of losing weight. Energy value of 100 g of buckwheat is 343 kcal.

a Diet based on buckwheat, improves digestion, save us from the swelling, flushes the body of toxins and excess cholesterol, improves function of the pancreas. The use of buckwheat strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood circulation, increases immunity, improves muscle, helps to normalize metabolic processes. Due to the high content of magnesium and vitamins b-group, buckwheat menu improves the nervous system.


buckwheat Diet for weight loss should not be used in gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, chronic renal failure. It is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, and in the case of individual intolerance. It is important to remember that excessive consumption of porridge of buckwheat can cause unpleasant symptoms: headache, eating disorder.

The recipe of porridge

During the diet is recommended to eat porridge, made with water. Seeds need no cooking, and steamed with boiling water (proportion is 1 tbsp. buckwheat – 2-2.5 tbsp. boiling water). Dishes brewed with buckwheat is heat wrap and leave for 8-10 hours (you can cook the porridge in a thermos). At the expiration of this time the excess moisture can be drained. Salt, add seasonings and fat impossible. This buckwheat can be consumed separately from any other food, and can be combined with certain products. We offer to your attention some of the most popular diet meal plans.

Buckwheat, water

This buckwheat diet for quick weight loss for 2-3 days. For 1 day you can lose 1 kg of excess weight. You can eat only buckwheat (up to saturation). Provides 4-6 meals. In between meals is to drink drinking water or mineral water and unsweetened teas. The last meal should be finished before 19.00. If in the course of the diet, you will experience unpleasant symptoms (weakness, headache), fill of carbs – drink a Cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon of natural honey. Try the diet period not to overload yourself with physical and mental work, but the fresh air will do you good.

Buckwheat, kefir

This recipe buckwheat diet for weight loss allows you to combine porridge, cooked with water, with low-fat yogurt (1 liter). You can also drink water and tea. The amount of cereal is not strictly limited, it is important not to eat large portions (this will stretch the stomach). Yogurt it's OK to use in conjunction with a cereal (can even make kefir porridge, filling the night washed grits fermented milk drink). If you want to alternate these products by the hour. This version of the diet perfectly clean the intestines. Average weight loss in 1 day – 0.5-1 kg. Diet you can devote 3-5 days (if you have enough willpower). It is also advisable to use this menu during unloading.

Buckwheat, greens, vegetables

During the diet cereal can be combined with some vegetables. Thanks to this diet meal plan causes less trouble – the vegetables perfectly dilute the diet and allow you to relax from fresh food. The range of plant foods include greens (any assortment), daikon, radishes, turnips, lettuce, celery, cucumbers, cabbage and other low calorie vegetables (up to 1 kg per day). You need to drink water, freshly made vegetable juices, teas. Such a diet also can devote 3-5 days, the average weight loss for the maximum period of 3-4 kg.

Buckwheat, vegetables, protein foods

This variant of the diet may take a longer period of time (1-2 weeks) because it is composed of protein foods. For Breakfast, eat 50 grams of solid low-fat cheese, or 120 g of cottage cheese low-fat and portion of oatmeal in the water. At lunch, prepare a side salad, eat 100 grams of cooked lean meat and a couple tablespoons of vegetable buckwheat. As a snack, use the Apple or low-fat dairy drink. Dinner includes a porridge made from buckwheat, or steam fresh vegetables. Throughout the day drink 8 tbsp. unsweetened liquid. In the morning you can eat 1 tsp of honey. Salt, sugar, bread and alcohol in the diet fall under the ban. Throughout the week, you can lose 2-3 kg.

Buckwheat, dried fruits

Because buckwheat is low in carbohydrates, it is advisable to Supplement it with dried fruit. Throughout the day you can eat 3 servings of cereal and 80-100 g of a mixture of dried fruit (can use raisins, dried apricots, prunes). Dry fruits you need to briefly soak in water. They are valid to add to the mess, but better to use separately (as a snack) – so it will be easier to sustain a diet. You can drink water, unsweetened stewed fruit (apples, pears, apricots), and green tea. Diet you can devote 3-5 days.

The correct completion of the diet

Buckwheat diet is quite rapidly carries weight, but to keep the result difficult loss for the most part explained by a cleansing of the body. To prevent a return to the previous settings, increase the calorie content and add new products gradually. Do not eat fatty foods, pastries, meats, fast food.


In terms of the impact of diet on buckwheat has a positive feedback, but its easy no one calls. Unsalted porridge is not pleased with the taste, that very often leads to failure of the diet.