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The Bulgarian diet


we Offer two variants of the Bulgarian diet. Each of these methods has its pros and cons so you can decide which one deserves the most attention.

Diet Bulgarian healer Peter Dimkov

This variant of the diet is aimed at cleansing the body of toxins and normalization of fat metabolism. It should be given only 4 days, but 3 of them will have to spend more than a modest diet that only includes carrot salad dressed with lemon juice and seasoned with a little natural honey. This healthy dish should be consumed three times a day. With a strong sense of hunger can arrange a small snack consisting of any sweet-sour fruit. The fourth day of the diet enriches menu with fresh apples, baked potatoes (without fat) and a slice of bran bread.

After a frugal diet of the diet to pounce on food is not necessary – the author recommends 1-2 weeks to give simple sugars and any fatty foods in favor of dairy products, plant foods and lean meats, poultry and fish. It is extremely important during this period to follow Yes intake enough fluids is the priority for snow or the dining-room, bottled water, and for herbal teas (without sugar).

Another secret of the diet is drinking on an empty stomach (morning and just before bedtime) 6 tsp. hot water. Thereafter, the famous healer recommends that you take a shower or RUB oneself with a towel. In his opinion, this procedure stimulates the metabolic processes in the body and speeds up the cleaning process.

The Bulgarian diet in a week

This variant of the Bulgarian diet lasts 7 days and allows you to lose about 5 kg of excess weight.


• Breakfast: boiled or grilled lean meat (100 g) and eggs, cooked soft-boiled (1-2 pieces), fresh vegetables and toast of black bread
• Lunch: boiled or steamed fish with horseradish dressing – 150 g green salad and a slice of corn bread
• Dinner: clean water
• Snacks: any citrus fruit

• Breakfast and dinner: clean water
• Lunch: vegetable or fruit salad
throughout the day you can drink only water and green tea without sugar.

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner: fruit or vegetable salad
• Snacks (every 2 hours): any sour-sweet fruit
throughout the day you can drink clean water, broth hips and green tea without sugar

• Breakfast: boiled or grilled lean meat (100 g) and eggs, cooked soft-boiled (1-2 pieces), fresh vegetables and toast of black bread
• Lunch and dinner: boiled or steamed fish (you can substitute lean meats) with horseradish dressing – 100-150 g, and also vegetable salad and a slice of corn bread
• Snacks: any citrus fruit
this day is better to drink water without gas.

According to observations, these two diets are remarkably complementary. After cleansing techniques of the famous Bulgarian healer, the second diet will help to improve and maintain the result. However, resorting to the proposed methods of cleansing and weight loss, never exceed the recommended amount of time.