Diet №11

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The goal diet number 11

Diet is assigned when the above-mentioned problems only in the absence of lesions of the digestive system. Options diet take into account the localization and character of the tuberculous process, condition of the gastrointestinal tract, the presence or absence of complications.

the Main purpose of the medical nutrition plan is the restoration of the energy state, increase of protective forces, strengthening of regeneration processes in the affected organ.

This meal plan has high calorie content. The energy intensity increased mostly due to increase protein intake. Moderately increases the proportion of carbohydrates and fats. Products can be prepared in any way. The serving temperature of the dishes does not matter.

The chemical composition of the diet

• the rate of protein: 110-130 g (40% of vegetable origin)
• rate of carbohydrates: 400-450 g
• the Norm of fats: 100-120 g (the share of vegetable fats have 20-25 %)

Daily caloric intake: 3000-3400 kcal. Rate of salt is 15 g, the rate of fluid – 1.5 l you need to Eat 5 times a day.

Diet menu table number 11

• First course: any soup (milk, broth, vegetable broth), borscht, cabbage soup
• Bakery products: rye and wheat
bread, different types of baking (cookies, pies, biscuits, muffin, etc.)
• Meat, fish, poultry low-fat in any form
• Meat products (ham, sausage)
• Fish products (canned food, herring, salmon, caviar, sprats, etc.)
• Seafood
• by-products
• Dairy products (any)
• Eggs (in any form)
• Fats: ghee and unsalted butter, vegetable oil
• All cereals (most useful buckwheat and oatmeal)
• Any pasta
• Legumes (mashed)
• Vegetables, berries, fruits (raw or after cooking)
• all Kinds of snacks
• Sauces: dairy, meat, sour cream, milk and egg, etc.
• Spice (medium)
• Sweets (in moderation)
• Drink: fruit and vegetable juices, broth of wheat bran and hips

Excluded products

the Exclusion from the diet are:
• Excessive fatty poultry and meat
• Oily and spicy sauces
• Refractory animal fats: beef, mutton, etc.
• Pastries and cakes with lots of cream
• Cooking oils

A sample diet

• the First Breakfast: scrambled eggs, porridge, cabbage salad with the addition of apples and sour cream, tea with milk
• Second Breakfast: tea and a cheese sandwich
• Lunch: borscht with sour cream, rice porridge, stewed meat, salad, compote
• Afternoon tea: tea or broth hips with biscuits
• Dinner: zrazy meat, stuffed with egg, carrot puree, curd casserole tea
• Before sleep: yogurt


Judging by the reviews, diet 11 optimally restores the energy potential of the organism. It normalizes metabolism, compensates the deficiency of mineral elements. To stick to the diet after consultation with a doctor.