Kefir diet

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we All know that yogurt is one of the most useful dairy products. It is used as a prophylactic and therapeutic tool. Kefir has a calming effect on the circulatory and nervous system of the body. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to establish the bowels, heals the body, rejuvenates the skin, improves the condition of hair and nails. In addition, a diet based on the consumption of yogurt, allow quite easy to get rid of extra pounds.

1. Kefir mono-diet for 3 days

for three days. Every day you should drink 1 to 1.5 l of fresh kefir without sugar, dividing it into five or six receptions at regular intervals of time. Pretty hungry, but you can lose 3-4 kg.

2. Kefir diet nutrition Institute

This diet lasts 21 days. During this time, you can lose up to 10 kg of weight. She signs for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, does not name specific dishes, but its basic principles are quite clear.

the Main thing is to reduce the calorie content of food consumed. Completely eliminated sugar, bread, pastries, potatoes. Less than half of the fat in the diet should be vegetable. Meat and fish — low-fat, milk and milk products — fat-free. Fruits and vegetables, containing no starch, you can eat in unlimited quantities.

Liquid a day, you can consume no more than 1.5 liters, 1 liter of yogurt (part of it can sometimes be replaced by other dairy products or vegetable juice), and 500 ml should be contained in the food. Of salt per day you can eat no more than 5 grams (food salt ready). You should eat five to six times a day, at the same time.

3. Winter fruit diet

This diet yogurt best to stick to no longer than three days to repeat it — no more than once per month. The amount of weight loss depends on characteristics of the organism.


Breakfast. Cup of coffee with milk, scrambled eggs, salad of pickled cabbage. Or: Cup of tea with honey, slice of bread with butter, egg, semolina.
the Afternoon tea. a Cup of yogurt. Or: Apple, a slice of cheese.
Lunch. Salad, chicken soup, braised carrots, a slice of bread. Or: cream of mushroom soup, pot roast with cabbage.
lunch. Baked apples. Or: a glass of kefir smoothie.
Dinner. Cup of tea, fish, fried in vegetable oil, with baked potatoes. Or: Cup of tea with honey, carrot pudding with prunes.
Before going to sleep. A Cup of yogurt, skim milk or yogurt.

4. Kefir-fruit diet

a day to drink 1.5-2 liters of nonfat yogurt, and eat fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities to satisfy hunger. Most often, so arrange fasting days, but you can enjoy a three or four day diet. It can help you to lose weight by 2-3 kg for three days.

5. Unloading kefir diet

This diet is used after holidays, accompanied by a hearty meal. First, it helps a bit to relax the body, and secondly, does not develop the habit of overeating one of the main causes of obesity. One day this diet enough that excess food consumed the day before, no effect on your figure.

Breakfast. A Cup of yogurt, a slice of dried bread. Or: a glass of kefir.
the Afternoon tea. 2 apples, a Cup of yogurt. Or: a glass of juice.
Lunch. Vegetable salad, salad or sauerkraut. Or: 200 grams of boiled fish.
lunch. A Cup of yogurt. Or: fruits (preferably apples).
Dinner. A slice of cheese, 1-2 apples. Or: carrot casserole, slice of bread.
Before going to sleep. A Cup of yogurt or milk.

6. Striped kefir diet for weight loss

Sustain it for very long, as it is quite easy. Weight loss depends on characteristics of the organism. The essence of the diet is simple. One day — only kefir 1% fat (in any amount), the second day — any products without any restrictions. Sometimes instead of yogurt you can drink non-carbonated water.

7. Kefir-Apple diet

Designed for nine days. Gives a long lasting effect. Weight loss can be up to 9 kg.

the First three days. Every day, 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt.
the Second three days. Daily 1,5 kg of fresh apples.
the Third in three days. Daily — but 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt.

since sitting on this diet, you may feel weakness, you can occasionally add a bit of protein or carbs.

8. Kefir diet for 9 days

This is a rigid diet that allows you to dump nine days is 8-9 kg. to Get out of it it is necessary accurately, not overeating and not lashing out on high-calorie foods.


the First three days. For the whole day — yogurt 1% fat in any amount, 100 grams of rice, boiled without salt.
the Second three days. For the whole day — yogurt 1% fat in any amount, 100 grams of chicken (white meat), boiled without salt.
the Last three days. For the whole day — yogurt 1% fat in any amount, fresh apples in any quantity.

9. Eight-day kefir diet for weight loss

a Very strict diet in composition and quantity of products is insufficient for the normal functioning of the body. Before moving on it is necessary to consult a doctor. If there is any disease, it is better to abandon this diet. All the recommended diet foods to eat during the day for three or four doses. To change the composition of the products, and especially something to add (especially sugar and salt) can not. Water can be drunk in unlimited quantities.


the First day. 500 ml of yogurt, 3-4 tubers of boiled potatoes.
the Second day. 500 ml of yogurt, 500 grams of dried fruit.
the Third day. 500 ml of yogurt, 500 grams of cottage cheese.
the Fourth day. 500 ml of yogurt, 500 grams of sour cream.
the Fifth day. 500 ml of yogurt, 300 grams of boiled chicken meat.
the Sixth day. 500 ml of kefir. 2 kg fresh fruit.
the Seventh day. 2-3 liters of yogurt.
the Eighth day. Mineral water in unlimited quantities.

10. Kefir diet for 7 days

All the dishes for her must cook and eat without salt and sugar. As it is quite hard, to repeat it is recommended not more often than once in two or three months. How you manage to lose weight depends on your body. Average weight loss — about 5 kg.

the First day — 1,5 l of kefir and 5 boiled potatoes.
Second day — 1,5 l of kefir and 100 g boiled chicken meat (better — white).
Third day — 1,5 l of kefir and 100 g boiled low-fat meat (preferably beef or veal).
Fourth day — 1,5 l of kefir and 100 g boiled low-fat fish.
the Fifth day — 1,5 l of kefir, fruit and vegetables (except bananas and grapes, which contain too many calories).
Sixth day — 1.5-2 liters of yogurt.
the Seventh day —mineral water in unlimited amount (better without gas).

a Daily dose of kefir, you need to drink a glass 3-4 hours. In addition, during the day you can change the yogurt. For example, first easy low-fat, then fruit, and then bifidokefir. You can drink the water, better mineral, spring or one that is sold in bottles. But coffee or tea — it is impossible.

11. The five-day kefir diet for weight loss

it can help to lose 5 lbs. a Feature of the diet is that there is a need to strictly by the hour.

7.00 — tea without sugar.
9.00 — salad of two medium-sized carrots, grated on a medium grater and dressed with oil.
11.00 — 200 grams of boiled beef or white meat chicken.
13.00 — Apple.
15.00 — egg, hard-boiled.
17.00 — Apple.
19.00 — 10 pieces of prunes.
21.00 — a glass of kefir and pill "Iodine-asset".

12. Kefir-cottage cheese diet

the Effect of such diets for weight loss is due to the fact that yogurt and cottage cheese to strongly stimulate the metabolism, causing the body to waste energy and thereby contributing to weight loss. In one the cheese the day you should eat 500-600 grams of low fat cottage cheese, dividing it into five or six receptions. Drink it only with water.

"Kefir" day — 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt, separated into five or six receptions.
"Kefir cheese" day is 250-300 grams of low fat cottage cheese and 750 ml of yogurt, again eaten for 5-6 receptions.