Diet Natalia Bechtereva

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The background to the emergence of diet Natalia Bechtereva

Natalya Petrovna spondylitis and she had some problems with excess weight. Trying to lose weight, our heroine experienced a lot of methods, but none of them has not brought visible results. This prompted Bekhterev to the creation of original slimming system, designed for its own physiological characteristics. This diet has helped Natalya Petrovna to reduce body weight up to the required limits. Seeing the amazing performance diet, acquaintances, colleagues and even strangers began to turn to Bechtereva for assistance in weight management. Due to this, was born the famous diet. Every patient that turned in the Center, began to receive at the hands of an individual method of weight loss.

The performance and duration of the diet by Natalia Bechtereva

the Center's Patients are losing weight quickly, but the body did not suffer from deprivation. This legend became the story of one of the first "ispytatelniy" techniques, which although at an advanced age, all but 3 month's weight dropped from 52 to 46-th size. The patient Bechtereva even to look became younger, not to mention significant health benefits.

The course of diet for spondylitis

to lose weight on the system Bechtereva, you need to visit the Center, which will be compiled individual diet. Treatment of obesity lasts exactly 3 months. For the whole period of treatment the specialists of the Center are required to appear thrice. In the first stage, they meet with the patient and find out the causes of excess weight. To reduce appetite on the patient's ear acupuncture set clip — no piercing of the fabric, it is securely held in the mounting location and not bother people. After a month this "corrector" reset to the other ear, which augment the effects on the body, and thus to further intensify the process of weight loss.

Diet Natalia Bechtereva is tailored to the characteristics of the patient and his personal eating habits. Eat, in principle, everything is possible, but no frills and no late meals (specifically, the latter are, by Bechtereva and her students, the real enemy of a good figure).

the Center's Patients for the most part pleased with the results. They believe that an individually tailored diet really works wonders – you will lose weight, but health is only improving. However, there are people who this technique seems to be completely ineffective. Will famous diet to normalize weight or will it be another "pacifier" can show a practical application of the methods.