Diet "6 petals"

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Mental attitude

Anna Johansson says – a diet is too put pressure on the psyche. Accordingly, it invited its followers to create a special psychological attitude. This should contribute to the flower with six petals cut from paper. He can take any convenient form – it is only important to be able to tear off petal by petal, going through the stages of the diet. The menu of each day you have to put in the correct sequence on separate petals. Easier just to placed a "cheat sheet" on the refrigerator door. However, can you think of another convenient place is important to a visual display of the diet as often as possible across your eye. Every day you will become closer to their goals, and the flower will lose its petals. It will not give you to break.

Diet diet

As already mentioned, a diet six petals is based on 6 mono-diet. Throughout the day you need to eat only a certain product to change the menu impossible.

Day number 1 is based on fish is to cook it in different ways, excluded only the frying grease. It is permissible to cook fish soup, adding herbs and mild spices.

Fish menu (eat every 2 hours)

Morning: pike perch fillet baked in foil. As the next meal drink a Cup of fish broth. Lunch soup with fish fillet and chopped greens (no added cereals, vegetables, pasta). Afternoon tea and dinner (in sequence): fish fillet, steamed; aspic of fish. All meals can be salt, but very sparingly.

Day # 2 is dedicated to vegetables. You can eat them fresh, cook, cook, bake, pressing juice out of them. As in the fishing day, the herbs, salt and a small amount of seasonings can be used.

Vegetable menu

in the Morning, prepare a salad of tomato, cucumber, greens (no dressing). After a couple of hours eat a smoothie of beets, celery, peppers, cucumber and carrots. For lunch, cook vegetable soup cauliflower, carrots, onions, celery. After a couple of hours, drink a Cup of freshly prepared juice of tomatoes and peppers. For dinner, saute green beans with onions and carrots.

Day # 3 switched our attention to chicken meat. Methods of preparation and the range of acceptable spices remains the same.

Meat menu

For Breakfast, boil a piece of chicken breast. After 2 hours, drink a Cup of chicken broth. At lunch, eat baked chicken sleeve. After 2 hours again drink some warm broth. For dinner, boil a piece of white meat and eat it, sprinkled with chopped herbs.

Day # 4 is devoted to cereals. Supposed to eat cooked with water cereals, sprouted grains, whole grain breads, bran, sunflower seeds. Salt and herbs can be used. It is permissible to drink home brew.

Cereal menu

in the Morning, cook the buckwheat or oatmeal. After 2 hours, eat a few seeds. For lunch again cook porridge (e.g. wild rice). Snack: drink some home brew. Dinner – again porridge (e.g. oatmeal).

Day number 5 allows you to eat cottage cheese low fat. This product can be supplemented with milk or yogurt (depending on personal tolerance).

Cheese menu

RUB the curd, adding a spoonful of yogurt. After 2 hours, drink warm milk. Then again eat cheese. As a snack have a yogurt and eat 1-2 tablespoons of cottage cheese. For dinner try the lunch menu.

Day 6 will please those who can not imagine life without the sweet. Of course, treat yourself to chocolate and cakes you will not – you will replace the fruits (eat them fresh, bake, clean, do juices). In the preparation of fruit dishes can use zest, cinnamon, vanilla.

Fruit menu

Breakfast will consist of fruit salad (slice the half of banana, kiwi, a few slices of orange, Apple and aromatizante zest). After 2 hours, drink watered down Apple or orange juice. At lunch, prepare a smoothie of half a grapefruit, a small banana, a handful of berries and Mandarin. Then snack on fruit (eat an Apple, grapefruit or pear). Dinner – salad of pears, pineapple, Apple, kiwi.

Additional information

Anna does not limit the size of the portions, but this does not mean that overeating is acceptable – eat moderate amount of food. Don't forget about replenishing water balance. Daily drink pure or mineral water without gas (8-10 centuries). Part of the fluid can be replaced with the teas. In vegetable and fruit days, it is permissible to wring out juice and to drink it in diluted form.

The correct completion of the diet

By the end of the diet you will lose 3-5 kg. to save the result, about a week eat the same food that you ate during the diet, but now do not separate them by days. If I plan to continue to comply with the rules of food combining, carbohydrates and proteins do not mix in one meal. Starting next week, gradually start to expand the range of products.


the Swedish diet 6 petals is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You can't stick it in the presence of diseases affecting the digestive and the excretory system. Absolute contraindication is Allergy to components of the diet. Before beginning this eating plan should to be examined.

The secret of effectiveness

What explains the effectiveness of the diet called 6 petals? The main secret of this method of losing weight is a monotonous diet during the day – it is noticed that the use of one product causes our body to use a previously created reserves to compensate for the deficit of nutrients. Moreover, this diet makes you respect the principles of food combining, which also favorably affects the process of weight loss.


Diet 6 petals is a lot of positive feedback – you will lose weight fairly quickly. The advantage of this technique is the lack of hard constraints of the size of the portions.