The acid-alkaline diet

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If in the morning you feel tired and in the evening experience persistent fatigue, which means that the delicate balance in your body is broken and the time has come to restore it. We offer to your attention

the acid-alkaline diet

will help.

Why is it so important balance of acid and alkali?

Any of the ingested products gives in the process of digestion alkaline or acidic. Ideally, should be observed the balance between acid and alkali. It looks as follows:

• Products with acidic – 35 %
• Products with alkaline reaction – 65 %

If this ratio is disturbed, the organs and systems of the body begin to fail. When the predominant use of "acidic" foods, the body is forced to "extinguish" posed by their environments using their own reserves of mineral salts of calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, etc. because Of this, biochemical processes are slowed down, and the level of oxygen in cells decreases. The result becomes sallow complexion, poor digestion, weakness, and apathy.

in the middle of last century, experts in nutrition (nutritionist) have learned to maintain this balance by simply changing the particular way diet. Although official medicine does not recognize the effectiveness of the acid-alkaline diet, the number of its followers in the developed world (U.S., Germany, France, etc.) is increasing every day.

Products division

it is Worth noting that acidic during digestion, often give products that are not associated in our understanding of acid (milk, bread, coffee, etc.). Alkaline reaction in turn provide openly acidic foods (a striking example is lemon).

it is Noticed that modern people in their daily diet tend to "acidity." To restore balance, offer to enrich the diet of "alkaline" foods (root vegetables, unsweetened fruits and vegetables, greens, nuts, infusions, green tea and vegetable oils). Well, to compensate for the lack of protein you need to eat eggs, fish and poultry – though they provide an acid reaction, but only to a small extent. But the products with expressed acid reaction, following the prescriptions of a diet is significantly restricted. These include:

• Coffee
• Any drinks containing caffeine.
• Refined, starchy and dairy products
• Red meats
• all types of alcohol

The advantages of the acid-alkaline diet

This method provides the body with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, so it brings great benefit. It is easy to observe – even when visiting a restaurant you can not deviate from the selected power line. In the process diet improves health, increases efficiency and normalizes weight. This technique is good because that does not completely abandon any product, but merely limits their use.

The acid-alkaline diet suitable for almost everyone

but there are exceptions. This technique is not recommended to adhere in childhood (during this period some "acidic" foods play an important role in the formation of the child's body). She is not suitable for people with "delicate" stomach, not take the tissue. Well, if you do not belong to these categories, feel free to start the diet – it will only benefit.