The Estonian diet

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The duration and efficiency of the Estonian diet

This diet has a relatively small duration you have to give it only 6 days. During this period of time, the weight loss reaches to about 4-6 kg. If during the diet, there is serious discomfort (headaches, dizziness, emotional instability), immediately discard it and go to balanced smaller meals (caloric in the early days, it is recommended to limit to the body is not experienced the shock of a sharp "jump"). If this technique does not cause any negative effects, but to sustain a hungry diet difficult, it is recommended during the day to eat 500 grams of green vegetables (in addition to the diet). Salt, sugar, butter, vegetable oil, margarine and any spices during the period of the diet shall be full of the exception.

Menu of the Estonian diet

• Day # 1: eggs cooked soft-boiled or pouch – 5-6 pieces.
• Day # 2: low-fat cottage cheese – 0.5 kg
• Day # 3: boiled chicken, freed from skin – 0.7 kg
• Day # 4: porridge, boiled water from a Cup brown rice
• Day # 5: baked or boiled in their skins potatoes – 6 tubers of medium size
• Day # 6: apples (without limitation in number, but this is true only for green varieties)

The output from the Estonian diet

After this hard diet to keep the result almost impossible – the body feeling a shock from a hungry mode, seeks to recover losses in the shortest possible time. To avoid this, listen to the tips below:
1. The first couple of weeks after the diet, restrict caloric intake to 1600-1700 calories.
2. The basis of the diet during this period should be fruits, berries and vegetables, and low-fat dairy products and lean meat (fish).
3. For cooking use vegetable oil. A deficiency of fatty acids and fill with fish oil (today it can be purchased in capsules, which is very convenient).
4. Products steam, simmer, bake or cook for a couple.
5. Morning energy get, using cereals (for their preparation, perfect oatmeal, buckwheat, rice and barley cereal). Although fats add not recommended to enrich the range of flavor fruit slices nobody forbids.
6. Any fish and meat products include a lunch meal, and portion weight should not exceed 150 g (ready for use).
7. Enter bread in the diet in limited quantities (preference for dietary kinds of bread).
8. Sugar and any sweets after the diet is better not to drink at all, or include only Breakfast.

a Professional nutritionist will tell you that this method of weight loss just has no right to life, it brings more harm than good. Be sensible and find a more balanced diet option.