Lean diet

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The basic rules of the diet

remember that a lean low-calorie diet is suitable only for those people who are engaged in sport from case to case and are not engaged in heavy physical labor. Continued exclusion from the proteins and fats of animal origin may not the best way to appear on your health. It is important to remember that the main reserves of iron we get from animal food – it is the most easily digestible form. The same applies to other batteries. The optimal duration of the following diets for 7 days. Recommended daily to make 4 meals. Daily savory liquid – 2 l

Diet lean diet

• Breakfast: porridge with lean slices of pumpkin (100 g), tea
• Lunch: vegetable soup without frying, salad from cabbage, carrots and greens, seasoned with lemon juice and also mineral water
• afternoon Snack: unsweetened fruit compote and a banana
• Dinner: turnips with onions and carrots, some cranberries with sugar and tea

• Breakfast: baked potatoes (you can substitute potato dumplings), 1 tablespoon homemade ketchup 1 tbsp mushroom caviar and coffee
• Lunch: salad of celery, Apple, turnip (daikon), as well as a portion of mushroom soup without potatoes
• Snack: steam cauliflower with herbs and a small Apple
• Dinner: lazy cabbage rolls with mushrooms, cabbage, rice (portion weight 150 g), tea

• Breakfast: salad of boiled vegetables (potatoes not used), chicory drink
• Lunch: salad of raw beetroot, dressed with lemon juice, cabbage soup (without frying), grain bread
• Snack: dumplings made from potatoes, pickled cabbage without oil, diabetic berry jelly
• Dinner: steam or roasted pumpkin without butter (200 g), tea and 1-2 tsp of berry jam

• Breakfast: mushrooms (boiled or steamed without oil), toast diet bread and tea
• Lunch: grated carrots with lemon juice, soup based on broccoli, half a baked pie with vegetables
• Dinner: vegetable salad (you can add turnips, honey and nuts)
• Dinner: lean porridge with prunes, tea

• throughout the day: water, juices, fruit drinks (unloading should be combined with a visit to bath)

• Breakfast: porridge on the water, a salad of fresh carrots with lemon juice
• Lunch: vegetable soup with beans or lentils, vegetable salad no dressing and mineral water
• Snack: apples baked with cinnamon (2 pieces)
• Dinner: mashed potatoes and a vegetable salad

• Breakfast: cake made of yeast dough, made without eggs, tea and 2 tsp. of jam
• Lunch: light potato soup with greens, salad vegetables, tea
• Dinner: semolina pudding with onion and pumpkin, berry kissel on fructose
• Dinner: pudding on the basis of rye flour, 1 tsp jam and berry juice


Despite the fact that vegetable diet is quite delicious and varied menu, there are certain restrictions. To start it without consulting a doctor can not:
— ulcers, colitis, and gastritis;
— during pregnancy and lactation;
— after recent surgery.
— diabetes;
— if you have any chronic diseases.


the Lean diet is like many – it not only corrects the figure, but also a beneficial effect on health. The avoidance of heavy food relieves the digestive system, and plenty of fiber cleanses the intestines.