The diet "roller coaster"

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Diet roller-coaster was created by psychologist Martin Rolled. The author argues that the efficiency of this method was confirmed to them in practice, low-calorie eating plan helped him to lose 31 lbs. On the recommendations of this diet read in our article.

The meaning of the diet

the technique Martin Katan introduced to the world in 1986 and still she never lost popularity. It is based on the alternation of caloric is, according to the author, ideal female body and allows you to consistently lose weight.

the Duration of the diet roller coaster is 3 weeks (21 days). If you combine diet with regular exercise you can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight. Subject to the passive lifestyle, this will decrease almost two times (up to 5-6 kg).

the diet of the Diet is made individually – the mandatory condition is only exact adherence to caloric content. Diet katana can be used up to four times a year, but it is better not to repeat it more often than every six months. One of the advantages of this diet is a stable result – weight goes a long time.

Calorie cycle diet

• the First three days: 600 kcal
• From the fourth to the seventh day: 900 kcal
• the eighth through fourteenth day: 1200 kcal
• From the fifteenth to the seventeenth days: 600 kcal
• From the eighteenth through the twenty-first day: 900 kcal

Recommendations for menu planning

Despite the fact that calorie daily diet at all stages of the diet are quite small, Katan does not recommend completely abandon fats (but just try to do so many dieters). The fact that the fatty acids needed by the body for proper metabolism.

in addition, some nutrients (particularly fat-soluble vitamins) without the presence of fat is not absorbed by the body. If within three weeks to completely abandon fat, you can cause significant damage to health and beauty.

the First three days of the diet, ideally, should devote green vegetables and unsweetened corn flakes. The diet of the diet should be vegetables, fruits, healthy fatty acids and proteins (in the priority lean meat, low-fat dairy products).

The secret to losing weight

Why the proposed Rolled diet helps to lose weight? The answer is simple: the cycles of the diets have different calorie – the body simply does not have time to adapt to constantly changing conditions, so does not go into save mode, and continues to be used as replenishment of body fat.

Disadvantages of the diet roller coaster

Diet proposed Rolled, has a lot of contraindications – in fact, the process can only absolutely healthy people. Low calorie diet contributes to the disruption – not everyone can withstand the constant feeling of hunger. According to many women, diet carries not only the weight, but also beauty – are suffering skin, hair and nails.


the Diet roller coaster for weight loss is not for everyone. Before it do not forget to verify the absence of individual contraindications.