Diet Beverly Hills

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the Beverly hills Diet is a special program aimed at weight loss. She developed a recognized expert in the field of dietetics — American Judy Meisel. This popular worldwide for diet and devoted our article.

The basic principles of the diet Beverly hills

weight loss Program for 35 days. Weight loss during this period, though not amazing fantastic figures, but does not harm the human body losing weight – it takes an average of 6-10 kg.

In the period of the diet not combine carbohydrates and proteins. This avoids problems with digestion and normalizes fat metabolism. Fruit Judy Mazel attributed to a particular group of products. In her understanding they are not compatible with any other food to eat they need a couple of hours before the meal.

In the period of the diet is to eat pasta, cereals and fruits fresh, fresh, boiled or roasted vegetables and vegetable salads with a dressing of vinegar and oil. Protein is recommended to obtain from food of animal origin. To combine the products only according to the following rules:

1. Carbohydrates compatible with carbohydrates and proteins with proteins (among themselves to combine them is impossible).

2. The morning meal involves the use of one variety of fruit is (choice of):
• Apricots
• Strawberry
• Pineapple
• Figs
• Papaya
• Watermelon
• Melon
• Mango
• Plums
• Kiwi

3. The following fruits or any carbohydrate-containing food you can eat in two hours. The proteins after fruits should not be used — ideally, they should follow the carbohydrate.

4. You should know that if after the fruit was eaten portion carbohydrate food, they have to forget until the next day.

5. Once you start eating protein foods, you can define further menus so that it was attended not less than 80% of this element (the rest are from fats, and compatible with proteins and carbohydrates, but not fruits).

6. Alcohol during the diet, for example, but to combine it only with carbohydrates.

From the diet for the whole diet period you want to exclude:
• Fizzy drinks (even sparkling water)
• Any sugar substitutes and products with their participate
• Margarine
• Any foods containing artificial flavoring

Product group

Judy Mazel divided the products into groups.

• Starchy foods: grain products, vegetables and flour products (bread, cakes, cupcakes, etc.)
• Protein foods: eggs, cheese and dairy products (except those that are related to the category of fat), seafood, fish and any meat
• Fatty foods: sour cream, cream, as well as any kinds of oil

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet Beverly hills

the Main advantages of the diet, you can consider it a cleansing ability and the ability to lose weight without experiencing hunger (the portion size diet does not limit).

the Downside of the diet is the need for a total rethinking of the usual diet – for many people this causes serious difficulties.

Diet Beverly hills there are long enough, but to this day causes a storm of debate. Some nutritionists believe it is anti-scientific and is not recommended in practice to use the recommendations of the American. The other part is nutrition specialists support the author, and expresses the correctness of the recommended Judy Meisel changes diet. Who is right – the answer to this question you must find yourself.