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Diet for gastritis


Gastritis is a common disease, the main symptom of which is an inflammatory process that in one way or another affects the stomach wall. There are many variations of this disease, each of them has its own characteristics. Diet for gastritis of the stomach must be observed without fail — otherwise, to achieve improvement of the state absolutely impossible.

Diet for acute gastritis

Diet for patients gastritis is assigned with the phase of the disease. In acute gastritis the patient's condition deteriorates very quickly – often the symptoms are worse with each passing hour. The patient is sick, there is the gag reflex. Aching pain localized in left upper quadrant, become cutting. During this period, from the menu of the patient excludes fruits, milk products, raw and sour vegetables, fresh baking, drinks with gas and cocoa and coffee. Patient give mucous soups, oatmeal, and rice, well boiled porridge liquid consistency, pre-cooked and chopped, puree meat without fat and veins, eggs (cook them soft-boiled). You can drink fruit and berry jelly, weak tea, water, weak broth hips. The diet involves 6 meals a day.

Chronic gastritis: the rules of power

the presence of chronic gastritis, evidenced by digestive disorders. The patient may complain of bloating, mild pain in the left hypochondrium, diarrhea. Therapeutic diet for gastritis imposes a ban on all smoked, sharp, salty, fried. It is recommended to avoid pickles, spices, fancy bread, any fresh bread. You should not eat legumes and some cereals (wheat, barley). Degradation can contribute sinewy and fatty meats. Not the best way on the condition of patients affected by salty and fatty fish. Fall under the ban of the meat and canned fish. Does not benefit the rich broth based on meat, fish, mushrooms. It is not necessary to use the concentrated vegetable broth. It is recommended to eliminate borsch, okroshka, shchi. No matter what the aggravation, avoid raw onion, spinach, mushrooms, hot spices, vinegar. Adverse effect on inflamed wall of the stomach with any fizzy drinks, alcohol, spicy cheeses and hard-boiled eggs. The consumption of dairy products must be controlled.

it is Recommended to enter the diet well boiled porridge, soups, cereals with vegetable broth, meat and fish dishes from minced meat (meatballs, meatballs, meatballs) – best steam. You can eat pasta (they must be well cooked). You can use sweet, fully ripe, soft fruit. It is helpful to eat low-fat and very fresh dairy products (cheese, yogurt). Cakes you can replace biscuits with no additives.

As in the acute form, to eat often, but small portions (4-6 times a day). Skipping meals is not recommended. Products should be boiled in water, steamed, stew with the addition of water, bake (without the formation of coarse crust). Diet prescribed for gastritis, provides thermal sparing the stomach – it should be a comfortable warm temperature (hot and cold affects the mucous that can cause exacerbation).

Sample menu

Breakfast: milk buckwheat porridge (250 g), app cookies (3-4 pieces), small amount of grated cheese and weak tea
lunch: jelly
Lunch: Manne soup, cold noodles, steamed, thin mashed potatoes, a weak decoction of rose hips
afternoon Snack: baked sweet apples
Dinner: boiled noodles, steam fish meatballs, weak tea
Before bed: fresh yogurt

Variations diet

There are different types of gastritis catarrhal form develops in the presence of intestinal infection and the abuse of alcohol, fibrinous gastritis develops in infectious diseases (sepsis, measles, scarlet fever). Corrosive gastritis occurs in lesions of the gastric mucosa by acids and alkalis, and abscess – for injuries of the stomach wall (e.g., ingestion of fish bones). Advice on nutrition in these cases the doctor – they can differ significantly from the General principles.

Helpful information

for gastritis with low acidity of gastric juice in 20-30 minutes before the meal is recommended to drink small SIPS of warm sodium chloride or sodium bicarbonate mineral water, honey solution (1:10) or diluted carrot juice (1:10). At high acidity of gastric juice doctors suggest drinking of warm alkaline mineral water 1.5 hours before the meal – it reduces the secretion. The best option is water Borjomi and Essentuki 4. In the case of a high acidity of water is recommended to drink quickly. If after a meal you feel heartburn, you are suffering from belching, you can additionally drink in 0.25 tbsp. of mineral water 30 minutes after meal. When retained secretion of water you need to drink 45-60 minutes before the meal.

Normal consumption of water should increase gradually – from 1/4 Cup to 1 tbsp. Drinking water three times a day (if there are no problems with a chair), or 1-2 times a day (before lunch and dinner or just before dinner) – a tendency to diarrhea. Course drinking water is 3-4 weeks. In some cases it can be extended up to 6 weeks. Then you need to take a break for 3-4 weeks. If necessary, mineral water can be repeated.


Diet for gastritis must be assigned to a doctor. Judging by the reviews, well-chosen diet, you can quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms. It is extremely important not to abandon the diet once they get better – often it leads to the aggravation of the situation.