Diet hemocode

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Diet hemocode is an active interest for people who want a guaranteed to lose weight. So effective is this method of weight loss? This will tell you our article.

The essence of the diet at hemocode

This method developed domestic nutritionists. They argue that to begin a diet is only after a special test, identify those foods that the body for whatever reason does not perceive. The fact is that food intolerance and food Allergy are completely different things, but both of these problems introduce serious disorder in the organs and systems of the human body. Food intolerance provokes a blockage of the body with toxins, and accelerates the aging of cells and leads to extra fat accumulation.

the Basis for the dough is the patient's blood, the reaction of which on each of 128 food and allows the individual to make a diet ideal particular person. The patient is given two lists. In the red list are the products for 6 weeks to be completely eliminate from the diet. The diet will have to be based on the products listed in the green list. According to the assurances of the developer of the diet for hemocode, after 45 days you can see positive results. Sounds tempting, unless you consider the high cost of the test itself (for it will have to pay about 300 $).

How effective is diet hemocode?

Doctors say that there are only 3 kinds of intolerance of products: it can be congenital, allergic or physiological (based on the lack of development of certain enzymes). These issues are managed by specialists and require special treatment programs. Well, hemocode hitherto have not found a serious scientific validation.

Results diet at hemocode

Today you can hear a lot of enthusiastic responses about diet for hemocode – supposedly it really works wonders. Is it really so? For a start it is worth noting that the authors of the method put forward specific requirements. During the diet, based on individually-chosen list of products, you must:
1. Reduce caloric intake to the level of 1600-1800 kcal;
2. Lead an active lifestyle, paying great attention to the sport.
3. To abandon the simple carbohydrates.

Nutritionists say that with such requirements it is possible to lose weight and without passing the test, but psychologists suggest that an important role in the weight loss in this case is properly heated attitude for success (loud advertising and a significant cost of the test are doing their job).

Diet hemocode, apparently, is another "scientific" means of enabling some people to lose weight on their own, and others to enrich themselves at their expense. If you firmly believe in the feasibility test, pass it and soul believe in success.