Vegetable diet

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Vegetables contain large amounts of dietary fiber and give a minimum of calories. These characteristics allow the use of the gifts of nature in order to reduce body weight. Vegetable diet has many variations – we bring to your attention.

Diet vegetables

This method of weight loss is based only on vegetables, however their range is quite wide. Daily allowance of vegetable food – 1.5 kg. it is Advisable to eat vegetables and fruits in fresh form, or to subject them to gentle heat treatment (preferably steam). Vegetable diet for weight loss brings to the forefront the lettuce, celery (whole plant), tomatoes, different kinds of cabbage, cucumbers, green peppers, spinach, green beans. Any vegetables can be combined in one dish. It is permissible to prepare on the basis of their smoothies as well as wring out the juice.

the duration of the diet may be as minimal (2-3 days) and relatively long (7-14 days). In the latter case, the diet of the diet needs to expand, adding oat or corn flakes. You also cannot forget about the protein — eat cooked meat – 150 g per day, kefir – 0.5 liters per day, eggs — 1-2 pieces a day. Normal vegetables have reduced to 1 kg. you need to Drink a lot (1.5-2 liters of fluid per day). Long diet on vegetables, it is recommended to stick to rarely — 1-2 times a year, but the fasting days you can use once a week. Per week on average able to lose 3-5 kg.

Diet on seafood and vegetables

In this case, to the fore different kinds of vegetables (1 kg per day), as well as squid, shrimp, kelp, mussels, scallops (the total rate is about 0.5 kg per day). Diet takes 2-4 days, the average weight loss during this period is 2-3 kg.

Sample menu

in the Morning, eat a salad prepared with 200-250 grams of boiled shrimp and lemon juice. Also supposed to eat some fresh vegetables. In 1.5 hours 2 eat cucumber or Apple. At lunch, prepare a vegetable soup and bake the seafood with tomatoes. After 1.5 hours, drink vegetable juice. For dinner allow yourself to a large portion of vegetable salad. Throughout the day, drink about 1 l of clean water and about the same amount of unsweetened drinks.

Diet on buckwheat and vegetables

This diet lasts for 6 days (3 stages in 2 days). Rump sort, wash, pour boiling water (you will need 1 tbsp. of buckwheat, and 2 tbsp. water). Dishes with buckwheat wrap well. Leave the mess for 6-8 hours. Salt and fat do not use. A portion of porridge divide into 4 pieces and eat throughout the day, maintaining equal spacing between meals. The first 2 of the day only buckwheat and green tea. In the next phase (days 3 and 4) a diet enriched cooked vegetables (1kg a day). Vegetables may add to cereal or eat them separately. You need to drink tea and water. Menu the last 2 days of the diet consists of fresh vegetables (1 kg), and cereals. Liquid diet remains the same. It is highly desirable for the diet to completely abandon the salt.

Diet fish and vegetables

During the dieting fish it's recommended to cook and bake without fat or steamed. The daily rate is 300-500 g. to Supplement the diet need vegetables (1kg a day). The program duration is 3-7 days.

Sample menu

start the Morning with fluid — drink the first Cup of water, acidified with lemon juice, and a little later – 1 tbsp. green tea 1 tsp. honey. After 1 hour, drink 1 glass of water. In 30 minutes you can eat 150 grams of fish and a salad of boiled vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil and seasoned with crushed garlic. For lunch, eat a portion of fish (150 g), 2 fresh vegetable, drink 200 ml of vegetable broth. After 2 hours, snack portion of yogurt. For dinner try the lunch menu.

Diet chicken breast and vegetables

This diet is based on the following products: boiled chicken fillet (200 g), fresh, boiled or steamed vegetables (400 g) unsalted porridge (200 g) and fruits (2-3 pieces). Products to be distributed in 5 meals. The rate of fluid – 2 liters per day. The duration of this diet is 1-2 weeks.

Diet on cereals and vegetables

the duration of the diet – 7 days. Daily recommended to prepare a new kind of cereal (without salt and fat) 1 tbsp. of grits. Norm vegetables – 0.8-1kg per day (can be combined with cereal or eat separately). The vegetables can be replaced with berries or fruit. The frequency of meals to 5 times a day.


Diet on vegetables provides excellent results – judging by the reviews, the slimming process does not take much time.