The Soviet diet

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The main provisions of the Soviet diet

Diet No. 8, known as the Soviet diet, was developed by our domestic nutrition Institute. She passed the necessary clinical trials with the participation of obese people and only after this was recommended. This technique implies a slow rate of weight loss in 3 weeks takes no more than 5 kg. It allows to protect the body from stress and from losing muscle mass.

This diet prohibits simple carbohydrates, and also meats, pickles, spices and animal fats. Daily caloric intake should not exceed 1900 calories. Patients with obesity, as in the dieting process and after its completion is recommended that a fractional power – from 4 to 6 times a day.

Products are allowed to be steamed, stew and boil. Today, nutritionists suggest that the followers of the Soviet diet is a modified version of the diet, enriching it with freshly prepared juices, leafy vegetables, asparagus, grains bread and other dietary products.

The standard diet Soviet diet

• Branny or whole wheat bread (150 g)
• First courses based on vegetables (beetroot soup, soup, soup, etc.)
• Lean meat (beef, veal, rabbit, etc.)
• poultry Fillets without skin
• White fish and seafood
• low-fat dairy products
• Skim milk
• eggs 1-2 pieces a day
• Vegetables and meals with their participation
• sweet-and-Sour berries and fruits, but also jellies and compotes on their basis.
• low-fat sauces.

a total ban during the period of the diet are:
• Bold the grade poultry and meat, and any meat products
• Products made from flour (including pasta)
• Semolina
• Smoked, canned food, pickles
• Bold cheese and sweet cheese
• Pastries
• Jelly, cocoa and other drinks with a high content of carbohydrates
• Condiments, used for appetite stimulation
• Any fatty foods (bacon, cream, etc.)
• the Sweet varieties of fruits and berries

Option menu of the Soviet diet

• the First Breakfast: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese and 200 g steamed carrots and tea with skim milk
• lunch: salad from cabbage and carrots, seasoned with 1 tbsp sour cream, and unsweetened tea or water
• Lunch: vegetable soup, 90 grams of cooked meat with a couple of spoons of green peas and an Apple
• Snack: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese broth hips or unsweetened compote
• Dinner: 125 g of vegetables and 100 g fish, steamed, and water or unsweetened tea
• 2 hours before bedtime: 2 tbsp vegetable barley porridge and a glass of water with lemon juice

the Soviet diet has clearly defined a menu that allows you to show imagination in the preparation of their own diet. This deprives this method to the monotony, which is to some extent inherent in all diets.