Diet on vegetables and fruits

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to get off the diet the maximum benefit, it makes sense to choose fruit grown in their native region. However, overseas "guests" is also quite acceptable, at least those that we used to use (for example, pineapples, and grapefruit). It is extremely important to choose organic food, not having in its composition of harmful substances. Preference for seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Fruit is best to eat fresh and with the peel (unless, of course, it is edible). Valid and gentle thermal treatment – you can boil food, simmer, bake, cook for a couple. Despite the fact that plant foods for the most part consists of the biologically active water to drink during fruit and vegetable diet takes a Bracer will allow you to cleanse the body from decay products and toxins.

in order For the diet to give maximum benefit, it is recommended that at the time of its observance to give up sugar and salt (or at least seriously limit their number). Are also excluded any alcoholic beverages. Depending on the severity of the diet range of products is subject to change. There are diets where you eat only fruits and vegetables, but more gentle options allow to diversify the menu diet breads, cereals, cooked with water, lean meats, lean fish, seafood. From the range of products depends on the duration of the diet. The stricter menus, the shorter it should be.

Diet for 1-3 days

This diet is based on vegetables and fruits, takes minimal time – you can't stick to it too long because the menu does not contain the correct assortment of nutrients. Weight loss is 0.5-1kg per day. The menu includes only non-starchy vegetables and sour-sweet fruits (total intake – 1.5-2 kg). Perfect for diet are considered green varieties – cucumbers, celery, cabbage, salad, apples with a light peel, etc. Vegetables and fruit you can combine or take separately from each other. It is not forbidden to prepare fruit and vegetable smoothies or juices (salt and sugar do not add). Quite acceptable and salads, pieces of fruit, you can fill with lemon juice, mixed vegetables, mixed vegetable oil (a small amount). To maintain a constant blood sugar level and do not experience feelings of hunger, you need to eat 5-6 times a day.

Diet for 7 days

This diet also has vegetables and fruits, but they are other products. Breakfast remains the same for all days – it consists of toast and half a mango, grapefruit or orange.

lunch Options

  • Green vegetables in form of salad and 150 g of boiled meat
  • salad greens, 150 g of fish and toast
  • a Large portion of fruit salad
  • fat-free Chicken broth, boiled eggs (2 PCs.), toast and vegetables
  • Toast, 3 tbsp low fat cream cheese, Apple and vegetable salad

dining Options:

  • Green vegetables (in a salad), toast, 100 g fish, some of fruit
  • sirloin steak, fruit and green vegetables
  • Meat with vegetables (casserole) – 200 g Apple
  • 100 grams of chicken meat, half a grapefruit and green vegetables
  • Braised liver with onions, green vegetables, half an orange

it is Possible to adhere to the "stripe" scheme, alternating 1 week diet with 1 week of normal eating. The course takes 1 month.


Diet on vegetables and fruits usually tolerated fine, but can be a little uncomfortable (especially people with a weak stomach).