Diet Natalia Vodianova

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The essence of the diet Natalia Vodianova

the Essence of the diet of N. Vodianova is reduced to abstinence from the evening meal. The bulk of calories are supposed to get at Breakfast – until 10.00 the menu is quite varied and includes enough high-calorie treats. Dining meal in the diet Vodianova is modesty, and dinner is virtually absent (except high-calorie nourishment herbal decoction without sugar or honey).

Menu diet Natalia Vodianova

• Breakfast: any items, including the adorable Natalie cakes
• Lunch (up to 14.00): a light salad of fresh or boiled vegetables with a dressing of lemon juice
• Snack: a decoction of rose hips or green tea with 1 teaspoon of natural honey
• Dinner: 500 ml unsweetened herbal tea

a prerequisite for the preparation of the "signature" menu Vodianova is the inclusion of a morning meal of broth hips and coleslaw (decoction stimulates digestion, and cabbage activates intestinal peristalsis).

every day supposed to drink at least 2.5 liters of water and other unsweetened liquids (in priority green tea).

Need to know

it is Worth Recalling that the hard cuts in the diet can lead to anorexia. According to rumors, she Vodianova is also not escaped this sad fate, and only through the efforts of the personal physician has managed to get out of severe health condition. Today, our heroine is not so fanatically follows a strict diet – high popularity of the stars of the podium allows it to obtain lucrative contracts, not torturing your body deprivation.

Diet Natalia Vodianova can still be used, but only occasionally and without going to extremes. The most reasonable nutritionists think it is not a complete rejection of the dinner, but only to substantially limit its caloric content and lack of late meals and snacks (ideally, dinner should coincide with the 18.00 and then nothing more to eat until Breakfast).

attention to the choice of diet wisely and use only the right recommendations – in this case, you will be losing weight, not health.