Diet Kim Protasov

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The duration, diet and menu diet Kim Protasov

This popular diet designed for 5 weeks. The first two of them dedicated to raw vegetables as well as cheeses and yoghurts (permissible threshold of fat – 5%). Every day you can eat a chicken egg (1 piece a day). It is permissible to enter into the diet of green apples (3 pieces per day). During the diet need drink plenty of fluids. A priority for clean water (her daily rate is 2 l). Valid also a variety of teas and organic coffee, so only add sugar and even honey can not in any case.

Restrictions on the daily portion of plant and dairy food are imposed. These products can be combined together, preparing salads with yogurt or with grated cheese. Apples are recommended to eat in the morning because they quickly increase blood sugar levels. Despite a limited diet, hunger in this period is missing. From the second week many even abandon the eggs or severely limit their number.

the Last three weeks several change diet. Now the quantity of dairy products is limited. Are replaced by 300 g of meat (as an option — fish, or poultry). The rest of the menu remains the same.

to Eat while on a diet at any time of the day (with the exception of apples and heavy on the stomach meat products – they are recommended to be consumed in the morning).

The pros and cons of diet Kim Protasov

This technique allows you to lose weight without feeling hungry (you can eat even at night). Diet leads to normal metabolism, normalizes the work of the pancreas and intestine, but also eliminates the craving for sweets. During the diet, the body has no shortage of proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals and lactose. Because of this you will lose weight without affecting muscle tissue.

Some disadvantage is the lack of actual fat in the first two weeks of potasovki. According to some nutritionists, this method can cause some damage to the body.


This method is not suitable for those who have the following diseases:
— stomach ulcer and duodenum;
— esophagitis;
— chronic gastritis with high and low acidity;
— duodenitis.

Out of the diet Kim Protasov

Any diet requires careful completion. After Kim Protasov diet for Breakfast is recommended to eat porridge on the water (the volume portion in finished form — no more glasses). Addition to this meal is low-fat cottage cheese and vegetable salad. Now it is quite acceptable to season vegetable oil, to replace some of the dairy products (a serving of oil – 1-3 tsp per day). It is permissible to eat and the sweet and sour fruits (3 pieces daily). Throughout the day the menu should include meat, poultry and fish and other foods with high protein content.

Recipes for diet Kim Protasov

we Offer you several recipes that define a menu diet Kim Protasov.

Meals for the first two weeks of the diet

Option # 1
• Tomatoes – 2 PCs.
• Cucumber – 1 PC.
• Radish – 1 PC.
• onion – 1 PC.
• Parsley and dill – 3 tbsp (crushed)
• Vinegar – 1 tbsp
• Salt and pepper – to taste
cut All the ingredients, gently mix with spices and vinegar then allow to stand for 10 minutes.

Option # 2
• Yogurt – 200 ml
• Green Apple – ? PCs.
• Lemon juice
• Cinnamon
Apple is ground, mixed with lemon juice, flavored with cinnamon and dilute it with yogurt.

Meals for the last three weeks of the diet

Option # 1
• Shrimp – 300 g (boiled)
• Cucumbers – 3 PCs.
• Yogurt – 200 g
• lemon Juice
• Salt and pepper to taste
Of yogurt and lemon juice cooked the sauce with salt and pepper. Cucumbers cut into strips, add to the shrimp and pour the sauce over.

Option # 2
• Chicken fillet without skin – 150 g
• bell pepper – ? PCs.
• Chinese cabbage – 150 g
• Yogurt – 2 tbsp
• Salt to taste
Chicken fillet cut into cubes, fry in a dry pan and allow to cool. Cabbage finely chopped, pepper cut into strips. All the ingredients are mixed, add some salt and fill with yogurt.

Kim Protasov Diet – a very affordable method of weight loss with a minimum number of contraindications. You can periodically use this diet as an effective means uncorrected for the normalization of weight.