Diet calories

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The duration and effectiveness calorie diet

This technique of weight loss is designed for 7 days. During this period of time is spent 4-7 kg weight loss (all depends on the initial weight).

Scheme calorie diet

• Monday and Tuesday – 600 calories
• Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday – 1000 kcal
• Wednesday and Friday – vegetable food without clear limits daily calorie intake

Menu of 1000 calories

— protein: 75 g;
fats: 35 g;
— carbohydrates: 100 g

• the First Breakfast: low fat milk – 200 ml
• Second Breakfast: dried piece of corn bread with a thin slice of cheese or 50 g of boiled meat lean varieties
• Dinner: salad of radishes, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and lettuce with a dressing of lemon juice and 1 tbsp unrefined vegetable oil, and boiled beef (as an option-fish, chicken breast) – 100 g the big Apple and water
• Afternoon tea: enjoy a Cup of organic coffee
• Dinner: 200 g green beans or zucchini with a dressing of 2 tbsp low-fat yogurt, and also 150 g of boiled fish, and the big Apple

Menu for 600 calories

In the period on limiting intake to 600 calories for the day can be used (optional):
— milk 1.5 % fat – 1.4 l;
— lean meat, boiled – 240 g;
— cottage cheese 2 % fat – 600 g

it is Not forbidden to combine the above products by estimating the portion size of each of them (the amount of calories should not exceed 600 kcal). We encourage you to drink water or unsweetened green tea.

The diet in days on a vegetable diet

In the days devoted to plant foods, you can eat any fruit and vegetables (fresh or heat treated). In the process of cooking and salads you can't use fats and salt, but it is permissible, natural seasonings, wine or Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. The restriction is subject to plant foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates (this is bananas, potatoes, etc.). To drink is purified or melted water.

Diet calorie very effective, however, a significant limitation imposed on the chemical composition of the diet may not the best way affect the well-being and health. Refrain from this diet if you have any chronic diseases.