Diet Of Yana Rudkovskaya

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The secrets of good physical shape from Yana Rudkovskaya

Ian had worked out for themselves the basic rules, which adheres to throughout his adult life. This helps it to always be in shape.

Jana used to awaken your body with a Cup of green tea – this drink is mildly includes all the organs and systems of the body in work, and also cleans harmful accumulation.

For a strong statement of our heroine, the abrupt transition to the diet is absolutely inadmissible. Not to cause harm, Yana recommends that before any diet should be accompanied by training systematically, but gradually reducing caloric intake. And Rudkovsky believes that the sharp drop big over weight is a serious loss to the beauty of the face and body.

Any snacks for our heroine are banned – the feeling of hunger helps her to defeat a glass of non-carbonated mineral or table water.

Ian holds regular discharge, but it usually selects for this weekend.

In the daily menu Rudkovskaya virtually no fat, and fried foods. But the healthy fatty acids it provides fish.

To cellulite does not spoil the mood, Yana prefers regularly carry out prevention, attending sessions hardware massage. Your contribution to the beauty of the body, also make wraps using algae.

Diet menu of Yana Rudkovskaya

Judging by the numerous rumors, our heroine still periodically has resorted to short-term diet, which is based on caviar. Any other products during this period is excluded completely, and the liquid diet includes water. The average man in the street it's hard to keep up with the stars. Not having the financial ability to eat caviar spoons, but wanting to follow the example Rudkovskaya, it is permissible to replace an expensive product with cheaper seafood.

it is possible that the above diet has nothing to do with the heroine of our article is irrelevant. Indeed, it's hard to believe that I, weighing in at 48 kg, has a need to torture yourself any diets.