Diet Jillian Michaels

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The sports component system weight loss

Today, Gillian is a successful woman who has won worldwide recognition. But it was not always – as a child, Gillian was a very overweight kid that brought serious discomfort. The way to a good figure started with karate – do, the girl became my mother's advice. The heroine of our article is so carried away by different ways of correction that put the fight against excess weight on stream. The basis of the developed Gillian are the sport. The most popular program "Lose weight in 30 days". It is divided into 3 levels and is the daily thirty-minute workout. Range of sports equipment only includes dumbbells. The first level aims at burning fat reserves – it is at this stage takes most of the weight. The following levels help to improve metabolism, as well as elaboration of the problem areas.

Dietary component system weight loss

in Addition to the exercises, is recognized and diet Jillian Michaels. In fact, it is a model of proper nutrition, and therefore has no time limits (that is, to observe the following rules is on a regular basis). Menu need be individually, taking into account different factors.

• Factor # 1: type of metabolism

In the first stage of the diet Jillian offers to find out what type of metabolism you possess. If you equally quickly how to gain weight and discard, then you have a fast metabolism. The rate should be done on vegetable proteins. Slow metabolism weight increases slowly but steadily, but to reset it unrealistically difficult – most diet and fasting days almost no help. Here, Jillian offers to pay attention to complex carbohydrates. A balanced metabolism is quite rare. It is to this standard and proposes to seek Jillian Michaels.

• Factor No. 2: calculation of energy expenditure

the number includes such nuances as the energy intensity of daily activities and exercise programs, metabolic rate, etc. In this matter it is recommended to use the online calculators calorie consumption can help you to make calculations in minutes.

• Factor # 3: determine the ideal calorie intake

once you figure out what calorie intake you need for the body's needs, Jillian offers to deduct from the figures of 400-600 calories – it will gradually drop excess weight.

• Factor No. 4: frequency of feeding

Gillian offers to eat 4 times a day (3 meals and 1 snack).

• Factor No. 5: food diary

Jillian suggests that you keep a food diary to control the result of weight loss.

• Factor No. 6: range of products

Under the full ban unhealthy foods (fast food, meats, etc.). Healthy food should be present in the diet in full. Priority is lean protein (seafood, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, eggs). There is a place and complex carbohydrates – they are present in grain breads, vegetables, fruits.


In fact, the diet Jillian Michaels is no different from other rational nutrition plans, based on healthy food. According to the reviews proposed above weight loss tactics, though not new, but provides good results.