A vegetarian diet

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currently increasing numbers of people tends to limit the consumption of animal food. A vegetarian diet not only cleanses our body it also allows you to adjust the shape.

Dairy-vegetarian diet

This diet is based on milk products and plant foods. You should eat 5-6 times a day, controlling portion size. The average caloric daily intake – 1,000 to 1,200 kcal. The share of dairy products should account for approximately one-third of the ration.


After waking up: warm water. Morning meal: 1 Cup milk or yogurt (depending on tolerability) and whole wheat bread. Snack: fruit or freshly made juice of them. Dining meals comprise a large portion of salad with greens and vegetable oil. Snack: yogurt or warm milk. For dinner, bake the vegetables. Before bedtime, drink 1 tbsp. yogurt or warm low-fat milk.

Such a plan, stick to 3-7 days. Morning meal can be supplemented with porridge made with water. We encourage you to drink water, juices, fruit teas and tea without sugar.

A vegetarian diet for a month

If you decide to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet before beginning, prepare the body. Once a week do a vegetable and fruit detox. On ordinary days, gradually start to reduce the consumption of meat, eggs, milk. The fact that a short fasting methods do not bring discomfort, but the long refusal of familiar food can trigger a sharp deterioration of health. During the observance of a vegetarian diet have to include in the menu of plant-based protein sources – soy, nuts, seeds, beans. Though they are not a full substitute for animal protein, but it will help to cover the acute shortage of this food item. During the diet you need to eat fractionally to 6 times a day. Throughout the month you can lose about 8-10 lbs. Average caloric intake should be 1200-1300 kcal.

Menu for the week

Snacks can consist of any mixture of nuts and dried fruits (no more than 40-50 g); fruit (1-2 pieces, depending on size); smoothies from fruits, vegetables, juices and mineral water.

1. For Breakfast eat 120 grams of lean buckwheat and vegetable salad. At lunch allow yourself a thick vegetable soup, whole wheat bread, anything made with fruit. Dinner will consist of porridge (130 g) and roasted vegetables.

2. Breakfast: 100 g tofu, branny bread and vegetable juice. For lunch eat 100 grams of boiled asparagus and 130 g lean cereal, drink juice. For dinner, cook a couple of potatoes in their skins, and eat a tomato and a small bunch of grapes.

3. On this day, for Breakfast eat 150 g lean rice porridge with berry sauce, salad of green beans, fresh cucumber and herbs. Drink the compote of fruit. Dining meal would consist of 250 g of vegetable soup, whole grain rolls, vegetable pate. For dinner prepare a batch of stewed cabbage (150 g), drink vegetable juice, eat an Apple.

4. For Breakfast eat a portion of porridge (170 g) and 150 g of salad made of dandelion, celery, cooked green beans. For dessert indulge yourself with orange. Lunch will consist of a large portion of fresh vegetable salad, juice and a couple of grain crackers. For dinner, prepare a dish of zucchini, potatoes, onions and carrots.

5. In the morning, eat 100 grams of tofu, a serving of wild rice, Apple. Lunch will consist of vegetable soup, grain bread, salad. For dinner, saute mushrooms, cook a batch of buckwheat and drink 1 tbsp. of vegetable juice.

6. For Breakfast make a couple of sandwiches with vegetable pate, drink juice, eat any of the fruit. At lunch, prepare brown rice with vegetables, a Cup of vegetable broth. Dinner will consist of a pair of baked potatoes and a salad of green beans, tomatoes, greens.

7. For Breakfast cook 200 g of buckwheat cereal, eat a sandwich with vegetable pate and drink a Cup of tea, instead of sweet dried apricots. The lunch meal will include soup beans, portion of salad (150 g), a pair of apples. In the evening, prepare the braised cabbage with mushrooms, drink the juice, and for dessert eat any fruit.

This is only a sample menu – diet for a month you have to make yourself.


Vegetarian diet for weight loss is a great way of cleansing the body. Judging by the reviews, the easiest are short diets – they do not cause discomfort.