Asian diet

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The basis of the Asian diet

Asian cuisine is based on the following products:
• Brown rice
• Seafood (in the diet of Asians for the most part displace meat and poultry)
• Soy beans
• Green tea (its the Asians drink a lot)
• Fruits, berries and vegetables in fresh or processed form (priority is always the first option)
• Noodles and bread
• Condiments (soy sauce, garlic, ginger, etc.)

the Addition of this diet are dairy products, although Asians use them without fanaticism. But fatty foods in Asian cuisine is virtually absent and that, according to many nutritionists, is one of the secrets of its effectiveness. Another advantage of Asian diet is that it requires eat fractional and small portions.

Menu of Asian diet

In the foreground Asians are carbohydrates in the daily diet must contain 6 servings of carbohydrate-containing products, and is (optional):
• a Slice of bread
• Half small bowls of brown rice or noodles
• 35 g granola

In second place are vegetables. A day supposed to eat 3-5 servings of the following products:
• a Small bowl of leafy vegetables
• Half small cups of any other vegetables
• 750 ml of natural vegetable juice with no additives

In third place is the fruits are allowed to eat 2-4 servings. One serving includes:
• half a small bowl of fruit salad
• Any fruit of small size
• 750 ml fruit juice

Fourth place rightfully belongs to dairy products. You can include in the diet of 2-3 portions, each of which includes (optional):
• 200 ml of milk or fermented milk drink
• 15 g hard cheese
• 60 g processed cheese

followed by eggs, seafood, meat products and beans. The diet includes three servings of these products (on selection):
• 60 g seafood, poultry, fish or lean meat (cooked)
• egg (1 piece)
• Half small bowls of beans
• Half small bowls of tofu

Nutritionists believe Asian diet effectively prevent such diseases as cancer, atherosclerosis and hypertension. It should definitely take into service all those who wish to preserve health, youth, beauty and perfect figure.