Diet Lindsay Lohan

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True story or tall tale?

Rapid weight loss Lindsay brought to life a lot of rumors. There was even a direct allusion to the actress addiction to drugs. Many detractors claimed that the girl got rid of excess weight, only after he became a patient of the Center for weight loss. Tabloids enthusiastically told about serious digestive disorders caused by the insatiable consumption of drugs for weight loss. Lindsay always insisted that the former splendor of forms was triggered by a poor diet – like many Teens, our heroine was fond of fast food. Revising your diet, the actress quickly corrected figure that's exactly what she says happened with her metamorphosis.

Secret diet Lindsay Lohan

Despite the adoption of the stars that her diet consisted only in the rejection of high-calorie food, without strict weight loss methods here clearly has not done. Judging by the numerous rumors, the girl spent a month on products of plant origin (and in a rank of the main "dish" was erected melon). Nutritionists in one voice claim that such long-term caloric restriction and chemical composition of the diet is no good cause can not.

Diet menu Lindsay Lohan

Breakfast: unsweetened natural fruit juice
Lunch and dinner (same menu): a few slices of melon (portion weight should not exceed 400 g) and natural unsweetened fruit juice

If Lindsay really dedicated to this menu a month, it becomes clear why she persistently attributed to anorexia. As noted by the paparazzi, leaving the star without attention, even the girl in the cafe not ordering anything but water. Do not use the above diet for a long time – as you can see, this can lead to serious problems.