Berlin diet

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The duration and results of the Berlin diet

the Berlin diet will have to dedicate 10 days of his life. During this time will take 4-5 kg weight loss. This technique is designed for a wide range of ages – in successfully losing weight like 20 and 60 years. The best part is, during the diet to lead an active way of life is not necessarily (though preferably).

The main provisions of the Berlin diet

This technique proposes to reduce caloric intake to 1600 kcal, which is not so serious cuts the daily share of calories. Not to be broken, it is recommended to the diet to release the fridge from your favorite treats – there should be only those products that are included in the diet. Diet does not preclude a raging to subdue appetite, so only do it with natural juices with no sugar or low-fat milk (as an option – yogurt). The last meal during the diet should be completed at least 4 hours before bedtime.

Sample menu of the Berlin diet

• Toast of bran bread, smeared with a thin layer of oil, and boiled egg, the big Apple and unsweetened tea
• Grain bread and unsweetened tea with 1 teaspoon of natural honey
• Toast of black bread with a thin layer of oil and 50 g of hard cheese or cheese and soft-boiled egg and unsweetened coffee
• Oatmeal, a couple of kiwi fruit and juice
• Boiled sausage, toast bran or rye bread with a thin layer of oil and unsweetened coffee

• Boiled chicken without skin, 100 g, and a couple of boiled potatoes, fresh vegetables and low-fat yogurt
• beef Cutlet, fresh vegetables and a couple of boiled potatoes
• Boiled meat lean varieties – 100 g, a Cup of oatmeal of brown rice, a salad of fresh vegetables and a grapefruit and unsweetened tea
• Tuna in its own juice – 100 g, mashed cauliflower and tomato and juice
• Boiled beef with broth (total portion weight 200 g) and boiled potatoes, fresh vegetables and a glass of dry wine

• Boiled fish (as an option – beef) and a couple of toasted bran bread, cucumber and water
• low-Fat cottage cheese – 250 g with the addition of fruit slices, and a couple of toasted bran bread and unsweetened tea
• Croissant, lean ham – 100 g unsweetened tea
• Toast of bran bread, hard cheese – 50 g, and a grapefruit and unsweetened tea
• White bread, 100 g boiled sausage, 100 g of kefir and unsweetened tea

With a strong feeling of hunger just before bedtime can drink milk or juice.

Right out of the Berlin diet

it's No secret that any diet will be a waste of time if you complete it incorrectly. Berlin, nutritionists recommend after its completion is to eat modestly and without frills. First 5 days can be "strengthened" Breakfast, adding a 150 kcal, 5 days worth of eating, and adding to dinner the same amount of calories. This energy value of the diet will have to maintain 14 days. Only after that you can go to the usual diet.

the Berlin diet suits everyone – it introduces minimum constraints, and therefore has no contraindications. Such a sensible getting rid of excess weight is only for the benefit of the body.