Diet yogis (raw food diet)

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General provisions of the diet of yoga

Diet for yogis is quite specific. The basis of the diet are vegetables and fruits, and raw, because yoga – advocates of a raw food diet. But heat treatment is not excluded completely products can uvarivaetsja in water (it is permissible for cereals, grains, and certain vegetables). In addition, you can use:
— dairy products;
— vegetable oil;
— covered grain of wheat;

Abruptly and irrevocably to give up meat is still not worth it. Before going on a full diet of yogis will have to devote some time training. During this period you must train yourself to eat slowly, thoroughly chewing every bite.

to Eat, according to yogis, is not on the plan, and as the emergence of a strong sense of hunger (any of the meals you can exclude if you don't want). A day is enough to make 2-3 meals, and Breakfast should begin no earlier than a couple of hours after waking, and dinner should be completed 2-3 hours before bedtime.

throughout the day, yoga is recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water. Please note: you need to use it before or after the meal (interval shall be 60 minutes). Addition to the diet of the yogi is a weekly fasting day on the water. In 24 hours you need to drink 10-12 glasses of pure water, and each serving is "stretch time", using small SIPS.

The diet diet of yoga

Under the ban are the following products:
• Sugar
• salt
• strong brewed black tea
• Coffee
• Chocolate
• Canned foods
• Margarine
• Cooking fats
• Animal fats
• Wheat bread from flour of higher grades
• Fried foods
• Canned, frozen and dried vegetables and fruits
• Soft drinks

Sample menu diet of yogis

the First day – dairy menu
this day is the enema. 20 minutes after it is recommended to drink a glass of milk (can be sour). Lunch and dinner consist of the same product. In addition to water additionally to eating and drinking anything impossible.

the Second day
• Breakfast: boiled grain oats 200-250 g (you can sweeten the porridge with honey)
• Lunch: potato or rice soup with vegetable oil, celery and carrot and cheese
• Dinner: sour milk (if desired you can afford a slice of rye bread)

the Third day
• Breakfast: fruit, and a quarter of an hour — warm milk or tea with a slice of cheese
• Lunch: fruits and vegetables (in a salad)
• Dinner: a glass of yogurt.

the Fourth day
• Breakfast: fruit
• Lunch: grassy wheat with nuts and honey and a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable oil
• Dinner: slightly sprouted wheat, and fruit

the Fifth day
• Breakfast: milk and porridge of brown rice with 1 tsp. honey
• Lunch: vegetable porridge of brown rice
• Dinner: milk and porridge from unpolished rice

the Sixth day
• Breakfast: sprouted wheat, cottage cheese, and unsweetened tea or milk
• Lunch: vegetable soup, salad and a slice of rye bread
• Dinner: curd and sour milk

the Seventh day
• Free diet

yogi Diet (raw food diet) is difficult for those who do not accept the monotonous menu. Small quantity of food, limited number of meals a poor diet is likely to make you a whole week to experience serious hunger. Are you ready for a challenge? Decide for yourself.