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Grapefruit diet


Helpful information

the Grapefruit has a low energy value (35 kcal/100 g), which is one of the many benefits of this fruit. Citrus fruit helps to reduce cholesterol in blood, normalizes blood glucose, improves liver function. It has a positive effect on the nervous and digestive systems. Grapefruit contains the maximum amount of useful elements, among which should be mentioned ascorbic acid (a known antioxidant), calcium (the element not only strengthens bone structure, but also normalizes lipid metabolism), potassium (the substance supports the cardiovascular system, removes excess fluid). Due to the high concentration of organic acids diet grapefruit speeds up metabolism. Present in fruits, naringin stimulates the fat burning process. Dietary fiber available in the fruit, accelerate excretion of feces, and also help cleanse the body.


Grapefruit low calorie diet is contraindicated during exacerbation of chronic diseases. You can't stick to it if you are allergic to citrus fruits. You should not resort to this method ulcers, heartburn, gastritis with high gastric juice secretion, pathologies of the excretory system, colitis and enterocolitis. It is important to remember that grapefruit can reduce or increase the effectiveness of some medications, so if system the use of any drug should always consult with a physician. Acidic juices can negatively affect the tooth enamel.

Diet citrus

This diet takes 2-3 days. It is based on not only grapefruits, but other citrus fruits. The General rule, fruit – 1.5 kg, most should belong to the grapefruit and freshly made juice from them (oranges, tangerines and other citrus fruits only complement the menu). You need to eat 6 times a day, gradually. A liquid diet consists of water and unsweetened tea. Sugar and salt in the diet are excluded, it is permissible to use only honey (1-2 tsp a day).

Grapefruit diet for a week

This diet involves three meals a day. The duration of the diet – 7 days. Included in the diet of vegetables can be both fresh and boiled.

1. Breakfast consists of a medium grapefruit, 2 eggs and coffee. For lunch you're supposed to eat a serving of salad without oil, 2 eggs. Some time after the meal you can drink a Cup of tea. The following meal consists of 2 eggs, tomatoes and tea.
2. Breakfast remains the same. For lunch, cook a batch of meat, add meal with tomatoes, lettuce, celery, cucumber. Following the meal consists of eggs and grapefruit (2 PCs and 1 PC, respectively).
3. Breakfast consists of a medium grapefruit, 2 eggs and coffee. For lunch you can eat 2 eggs, a side of cottage cheese, beets, cabbage. The evening meal consists of spinach, boiled eggs and herbal tea.
4. Breakfast remains the same. At lunch, prepare a portion of fish and salad. The dinner menu includes 2 eggs and a grapefruit. Can cheer up with a Cup of coffee.
5. Menu of the day similar to the previous.
6. For Breakfast eat a grapefruit, 2 eggs, drink some coffee. Dining meal: steak, tomato, lettuce, celery, cucumber. Dinner: fruit mix (with the obligatory presence of a grapefruit).
7. Again, you will find the standard Breakfast. Lunch consists of chicken meat, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes. In the evening eat chicken meat, tomato and grapefruit.

Grapefruit diet for 14 days has an identical menu, just need to get not 1 but 2 stages for 7 days. In case of compliance with the first diet you will lose weight by 4-6 kg. a two week diet will increase results up to 7-10 lbs.

Protein-grapefruit diet

This extreme dieting takes 2-3 days (some people stick to it longer, but it may have a negative impact on health). Weight loss in 3 days is 3-4 kg.

Diet menu

Before Breakfast you need to drink 1 Cup warm water. After 15-20 minutes you can eat protein 1 egg, hard-boiled. After waiting 1 hour, eat a grapefruit. Then take a break for 1.5 hours and again eat protein 1 egg. Alternate citrus fruits and eggs need 5-7 times. Throughout the day you should drink at least 8 cups of water or unsweetened tea.


the Grapefruit diet, according to numerous reviews, allows you to lose weight at an accelerated pace. Sorry made this technique difficult to name citrus fruits often provoke an allergic reaction, but in large numbers they are negatively affecting mucous membranes.