Diet Tatiana Tarasova

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"Secret" weapons of Tatiana Tarasova

Our heroine was able to understand that overweight entails a lot of problems. It pushed her to seriously begin to search for a solution. In the end, only 7 months Tatiana broke up with a serious excess weight. Helped her in this notorious Queen Margaret, who took under his wing many stars of show business (as an example, Anita Tsoy, Valery and Nikolay Baskov). For Tatiana Anatolievna has developed a special weight loss program.

Individual diet Tatiana Tarasova

Despite the fact that the dietician Margarita Koroleva and her famous clients in most cases do not advertise individual techniques of losing weight, Tatiana Tarasova does not make his program any of the secrets. Her Margarita Queen ordered to switch to five meals a day, and the volume of a single portion of food was not supposed to exceed the glass. Throughout the day Tatyana Anatolyevna had to carefully monitor the amount of liquid – it "ordered" the abundant drinking regime (at least 2 liters of pure water and unsweetened drinks a day). To reduce appetite, our heroine drank 200 ml of water before each meal, the last of which was always finished before 18.00. The basis of the diet of Tatiana Tarasova for all 7 months was plant food in all its diversity. All dishes are prepared in a gentle way – the products have aterials, prepared steamed or cooked without added fat. Sweets, animal fats, and flour products all the time were banned.

after completing your diet, Tatiana Tarasova decided not to stop there – our heroine was determined to lose another 15 kg. Based on previous success with this task she can handle it without any difficulty. Well, we are quite able to follow its example.