Diet horoscope

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the Star under which we were born have an impact not only on our lives but also on feeding behavior. Diet horoscope will tell you how to keep a good figure.

Diet for Aries

the rams did not make sense to exhaust yourself by diet – usually, dietary restrictions do not help the representatives of this sign to lose weight. The main component of success is the sport.

Diet for calves

Taureans mostly love to eat, it is extremely difficult to deny yourself your favorite food. The best solution in this case is the observance of diet.

Diet for twins

Gemini active and agile, but in the figure the impact of snacking on the go. They are encouraged to replace high-calorie foods low-calorie (instead of sweets you can eat fruits instead of fatty pork – chicken fillet, etc.).

Diet for cancers

the Representatives of this sign are very impressionable and quite often depressed. "Seizing" problems, internal cancers compensate for the discomfort, but acquire excess fat. To cope with depression and improve your body shape will help you work on yourself – cancers, it is useful to engage auto-training and meditation. A strict diet they would not benefit.

Diet for lions

Lions are often prone to overeating. Representatives of this sign usually prefer healthy food, but it does not save the figure. To keep in shape will help extreme sports. You can also control the size of portions.

Diet for virgins

Virgo you have a craving for sweets. Members of this sign follow the figure sitting on a diet, but the result is not happy – losing weight, they immediately go back to your favorite cakes and sweets and the weight is restored. To maintain a good shape will help separate the food.

Diet for weights

by nature Libra is endowed with a good figure. In his youth, many representatives of this sign do not follow your diet, but do not get better. In adulthood, comes the reckoning – figure "spreads". To keep in shape will help light diet, combined with long walks or morning jogs.

Diet for Scorpions

Scorpions are not recommended to eat exotic dishes – they disrupt the metabolism. Representatives of this sign should find a diet which is based on the traditional for their location and food. It is recommended to always include in the diet dairy products (kefir, whey, etc.).

Diet for archers

If the representatives of this sign have most of the time to lead a sedentary lifestyle, then the weight increases rapidly. To avoid this, archers are encouraged to join sports, but in any particular diet need rarely arises.

Diet for Capricorn

Capricorn – people in General. If they are busy with something, you can forget about lunch. Of course, in the evening, the representatives of this sign feel the urge to eat, which leads to a mass increase. This will help avoid cleansing (detox diet, bath, sauna).

Diet for Aquarius

Many representatives of this sign have a passion for delicious food and an excellent alcohol. Watchers they start to follow only in the case that the increase of the mass bothers to wear a favorite outfit. Typically, Aquarians are easily losing weight – just a few to reduce caloric intake and increase physical activity.

Diet for fish

Many fish like nutritious food, which, of course, affects the figure. To lose weight representatives of this sign will help protein diet based on lean meats, seafood, eggs, nuts.
Their body needs phosphate, present in raisins and vegetables.


Some believe that a diet composed of a horoscope, are definitely beneficial. But this is not the common opinion – often, these diets do not help.